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Thread: Merciter's Daily Drawings (Updated 10/13/11)

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    Merciter's Daily Drawings (Updated 10/13/11)

    I've started a new sketchbook. See me there!
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    Hey, how come no one has commented on this yet?

    I think you're doing really well. The main thing I would say (and you know I'm going to say it LOL) is ditch the lined paper! Come on!! (I hope that the unlined paper that I see in your most recent drawing is a good sign? Yes? )

    Of course you should keep drawing regardless (I wouldn't want the lack of unlined paper deter you from your studies) but I hope to see more drawings on regular paper!

    I am quite impressed with the faces and figures and think that you're really onto something there. Keep it up.

    A question though—have you done other studying of figures and heads, like from some kind of anatomy book? (Like Loomis or Hogarth or someone?) I think that would benefit you as well, if you haven't already started studying from some of these guys. If you have been studying from them already, please post some of your sketches! You see that everyone else here does!

    Good for you for wanting to study realism in order to improve your other drawing styles. Wise move and I think you're doing very well.
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    Ah, I understand about using up the paper you already have! It does seem a pity to have such well-formed and detailed portraits done on lined paper! I hope in the future you'll relegate the lined paper to gesture studies or other anatomy studies—things that are not meant to be finished works? (Well, that's what I'd do! But I understand the desire to use the paper since you already have it, as well as to save money! )

    Good, so good to hear that you've studied some anatomy and Loomis/Hogarth. I just got the Hogarth wrinkles book myself and am looking forward to studying it. Drapery and clothing are a great weakness of mine.

    I look forward to seeing more of your portraits and figures, and definitely looking forward to more anatomy studies!
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