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    C.O.W. #229. Bouncy, Amphibious Rain-Dancer - VOTING!

    C.O.W. #229 Bouncy Amphibious Rain-Dancer_Voting!



    Topic: Bouncy, Amphibious Rain-Dancer

    Deadline for the voting: Sept. 28th

    Round Requirements (Read BEFORE Voting):
    - The creature must be bouncy in an elastic or locomotive sense (or both)

    - The creature must be visibly amphibious

    - The creature must be depicted in the act of “rain-dancing” whatever that may be
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    Artist: defecticon001

    Concept: Blue Bumper

    The blue bumper is a frog-like creature that utilizes self mimicry as a defense, meaning the animal has one body part that mimics another to increase survival during an attack or helps predators appear innocuous. In this case, its backside looks to be the front with eye spots in place.

    Inside the creature are pouches of blue luminescents which always float upward. When a storm moves in, the creature's sensitive antennas start glowing and cause the blue bumper to head in the direction of the nearest body of water. The problem here is it doesn't have frontal limbs and cannot direct itself so it leaps into the air haphazardly, often landing on its head, forcing the blue liminescents up to its transparent rear which results in a flash of blue light.

    This "dance" is very common in the spring months but can also be seen through the summer on the east coast of North America.

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    Artist: sepu

    Concept: tsu'raga
    natives of regions where this rare creature exist know best that when tsu'raga comes out of its hiding holes to dance in first drops of the rain its skin is most poisonous. and if its poison is extracted with care there are many good uses for it.
    local tribes fiercely protect their tsu'ragas(and knowledge about tsu'raga rain dance poison) so is still strange but meaningless for explorers who are lucky enough to catch a sight of its dance.

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    Artist: RicoD

    Concept: Sploop


    When the sun shines, we'll shine together
    Told you I'll be here forever
    Said I'll always be a friend
    Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
    Now that it's raining more than ever
    Know that we'll still have each other
    You can stand under my umbrella
    You can stand under my umbrella
    (Ella ella eh eh eh)

    (voice over)Look, what a rare sight! We see a never before captured moment of a very shy and rare being. This strange creature is as if two creatures merged into one, having lungs for breathing above water and gills for under water, 2 sets of eyes and 2 brains and 8 limbs. This creature has both male and female reproduction organs and can reproduce by itself.

    The native humans have a fable about the origin of the Sploop in which it describes how a very shy land creature spends the days alone, pining for a mate, but too shy to approach one. Then, one day it decides it can't live like that anymore and decides to commit suicide by throwing itself in the river. As it's about to hit the water a water creature surfaces and they accidentally kiss. The water creature was also alone, also trying to commit suicide, by throwing itself on land. They found each other in their desperation. But they wouldn't be able to live in either world separately, so they searched for a way to be together no matter the consequences. They found it by merging together.

    Whenever it rains it starts a mating dance (by itself) by surfacing and flopping about on the water surface. It secretes an oily residue from their skin pores, allowing it to float on water with its' paws. The rain makes the land part wet, while it shields the water part so it stays relatively dry. For a moment the surroundings are reversed, to better understand and appreciate the differing parts. Once it's at the pinnacle of happiness it produces offspring and dies, which is pretty similar to the married lives of the humans that live there.

    C.O.W. #229. Bouncy, Amphibious Rain-Dancer - VOTING!

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    under ma "unbrella"
    a litlle humor put on this round !
    but like a gentelman look but don't touch!!!!

    nice round all ya!!!good luck

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    Artist: Daniel Hurd

    Concept: Freshwater Yamatosaur
    Native to the coastal swamps of a small chain of islands in the South Pacific.
    Mainly a nocturnal predator of small shrimps and snails occasionally they surface during rainstorms clinging to small plants. They bounce and sway back and forth in the storm breeze catching rain droplets in their mouths.

    It is thought they need the rain water to hatch their eggs which are contained in a mouth pouch. The larvae then hatch and live in the pouch for several days before being expelled into the open water.
    Attachment 1326763

    ARTIST comments- I hope this qualifies, I felt as though a lot more could be done with the image,but over all it captured the essence. Thanks for looking!

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    Hope I made it on time. Well done everyone.
    Have faith, these things should never be easy.

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    Artist: Dranyer

    Concept: The Azure Flipping Frog
    The azure flipping frog is typically found in small bodies of water in south america, it spends most of it's time underwater but during the rainy season it comes up on land where it hops and bounces erratically flipping around in the air, landing right side up and upside down with no real concern for how it ends up, and then returning to the water when the rain subsides. This bizarre "rain dance" has baffled observers for decades.
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    Artist: albino-Z

    Concept: Step Devil
    This microscopic iridescent critter, member of the drake family, never developed wings due to its obsession to climb and fall. Invisible to the naked eye, features an extended set of gills and unmatched dexterity that allows it to climb to the heights of the stratosphere by stepping on falling rain drops. When desired height is reached, it will free fall using its tail to steer and his gills as flaps. A living bullet with a rock-hard skull, lethal to young fish and invisible to larger predators, often self-implants his body a few millimeters under the skin of large fish, stowaway in search for new territory.

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    Artist: Misplacedhippos

    Concept: Jumepud
    The Jumepud of Patagonia spends much of it's time underwater in ponds and swamps, using it's flexible legs and fins to swim. It comes to the surface in the rainy seasons, when it jumps and dances from puddle to puddle gorging itself on earthworms.

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    My Raindancer

    Artist: ZenithDeLunaris

    Concept: Green DropGulper

    This little guy spends most of his life in the water but during rainstorms it comes on land to jump up and catch the raindrops. This peculiar behaviour seems to be because of compounds the rain picks up in the atmosphere that benefit the creature's growth.
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    Artist: J-Sun

    Concept: Gog-Hen
    This Bouncy Amphibious Rain-dancer loves to frolic whenever there is a downpour.
    Hidden beneath the depths of muddy ponds most of the time, Gog-Hens spring to the
    surface at the first sign of a drizzle, bouncing and catapulting themselves using their strong supple arms.

    C.O.W. #229. Bouncy, Amphibious Rain-Dancer - VOTING!
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    Artist: foofoo

    Concept: Redbacked Coral Salamander

    These tiny fellas are able to inflate their tails, and when it's raining, they 'dance' by bouncing on their inflated tail...

    Attachment 1327097
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    Ka-Toi Water Cancer #229 Dan Schallock

    Artist: Daniel Schallock

    Concept: Ka-Toi Water Dancer
    The Ka-Toi are magical creatures who appear deep in the woods in the night to call the rain.

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    Artist: Lege1

    Concept: Chargabae

    The Chargabae are a very, very ancient relative of the frog family dating back to when the world was far beyond primitive from what we know to be throughout what history tells us. Chargabae use their powerful legs and round abdomen to project themselves and then bounce at their landing. Their tale is used for swimming, balance, and ability to better calculate gliding direction when soaring through the air. You can see evolution taking its place as the Chargabae is slowly developing small arms which later on result into arms that they can make precision and safe landings with. The Chargabae are known for getting into a feeding frenzy when rain clouds are present and do what some consider a rain dance as they bounce around from place to place.
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