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  • RicoD

    1 1.12%
  • Tokoldi

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  • lkjhgfdsa

    3 3.37%
  • AdrianNagorski

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  • Stjh

    1 1.12%
  • matt kohr

    16 17.98%
  • marko markovic

    2 2.25%
  • Ricardo Robles

    32 35.96%
  • Rob Powell

    3 3.37%
  • Lenorekitty

    16 17.98%
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    C.O.W. #228. Fantasy War Mount - VOTING!

    C.O.W. #228 Fantasy War Mount_Voting!



    Topic: Fantasy War Mount

    Deadline for the voting: Sept. 21st

    Round Requirements (read BEFORE voting):
    - the mount you design should visually represent the race that is riding it.
    - to help get some new ideas. The creature can't have the traditional 4 appendages. (I know, this one is where the challenge gets tough) more or less than 4 appendages is acceptable.
    - something I like to do in war beast challenges is add some war paint on it. So, ADD WAR PAINT!
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    Artist: Highelf

    Concept: Bhabi Monghadi - elf mount
    This little herbivore fellow is indigenous to hot climate forests, where this more tribal race of elves tend to hang around. The Elves domesticated the creature as a mount for battles that happen in other environments than their forest habitat, as it gives a nice high vantage point to do archery from. The creature itself can be quite a deadly force, flailing its long arms about wildly, not afraid to pick up, throw and fiercely slap enemy dwarves. The horns on the head of the male Monghadi are purely for mating and display purposes.

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    C.O.W. #228. Fantasy War Mount - VOTING!

    Artist: RicoD

    Concept: Skrah - amphibian Goblin mount

    This creature is useful for land and water based fights, with its' 4 paws for walking and 4 fins for swimming. The Goblins sharpen the nosehorns for better piercing and cleaving. although a bit slow on land the Skrah is ideal for ambushing from the water or infiltrating enemy camps that are close to waterways. When the Skrah swim just below the surface of the water, the Goblin riders breath through reed straws. The Skraw are a bit vulnerable for attacks from above. Their tough and sharp dorsal scales are their only line of defense on land. The jaws are good for crunching foes and can pierce through most light armor types.
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    Artist: Tokoldi

    Concept: Arboreus El'abor - Elven War Mount

    This creature is from the forest region. It's powerful hind legs enables it to leap great distances, and it's small wings allows it to glide over chasms and down from great heights. It is a reclusive yet brave species that is rare to see in the wild. It's skin is tougher than tree bark and it has senses keener than those of the elves. Having recognized the creatures' potential as war mounts, the elves set out to domesticate them. It is rumored that various sub-species exists, ranging from sea to mountain to flat land.
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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: goblin war mount
    It flies, it has 10+6HD, a goblin scout of 3+6HD rides it.

    The rider has pyrotechnic proficiency and 2d4 bombs of varying fuse length that do 3d6 fire damage and 2d4 physical damage.
    The lance is the first attack - doing 2d12 on charge and d8 in general melee.
    The mount attacks next with a wind buffet (lesser green dragon template) followed by a Beak attack doing 2d6 piercing damage.
    This is followed by 2 Claw attacks doing 2d4 slashing damage and has a chance to pin opponents of medium or smaller size (DC:14).
    Special attack is a defensive manovuer where the mount jumps away from combat and can either take flight (if able) or make another charge attack with the lance back into close combat....blah blah blah.
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    Artist: Adrian Nagorski

    Concept: Gnome Draill

    Gnomes are never quick to rush into war, they rather project the genius of illusion upon their enemies to win, this Draill creature has the threatening intimidation that hold opponent at bay, its symbiosis with gnomes for feeding at latter stages of its life due to their over sized antlers makes this symbiosis a great combination.

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    Artist: Stjh

    Concept: Krawkan - Dwarf war mount

    the Krawkan are fast, wild and very hard to control. they cannot fly even though they have wings and they flail and thrash about wildly as the dwarves swing their hammers towards their enemies. they chomp on anybody that gets in their way.

    (apologies in advance for the small size, i lost my photoshop file)
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    C.O.W. #228. Fantasy War Mount - VOTING!

    Artist: Matt Kohr

    Concept: Goblin Tree-Clinger
    Goblin scouts are known for two things: the ferocity of their Tree-Clingers, and the foulness of their breath.

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    lets ride with this ....

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    Artist: Ricardo Robles

    Concept: Sons of the Moss

    “They aren´t recruited to fight, but rather we pray them to help us in battle. We don´t pay them like mercenaries, but they pay us with blood and sap. They don´t fight for us, they are the ones who need to be saved”
    -Sareeniak, forest Elves Beastmaster.

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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Wooly Horn-Head

    A creature native to the mountainous regions the dwarves live in. The dwarves were able to domesticate the creatures and use them to assist in mining, smithing, farming, etc. The Horn Head is most useful during war. Their large bodies are able to charge enemies and their large horns crash and impale as they go. The Horn head is completely blind, in fact they have no eyes at all, so if a horn head is charging without a dwarven rider, it will not stop until it crashes into or off of a mountain.
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    Gnome War Mount

    Attachment 1322300

    Artist: Lenorekitty

    Concept: Gnome Curuvi

    Forest Gnomes are excellent archers and only become deadlier on their curuvi. These creatures are experts at gliding through ancient oak forests and are known for being intuitive and intelligent mounts. The Gnomes decorate their curuvi with handprints, symbolizing trust between mount and rider.

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    Artist: J-Sun

    Concept: Darkrunner
    Evolved from giant bats. Wings have developed into long striding legs. Back legs are vestigial for the most part.
    C.O.W. #228. Fantasy War Mount - VOTING!
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    Artist: Kobe

    Concept: Bounce-Blah-Blah
    Orc's war mount that bouncing around in the jungle and warfield, create war drum sound from the war mount's tummy when it bounce on the ground. the war BEGIN!!
    Last edited by Kobe Sek Yong Kai; September 14th, 2011 at 11:39 PM. Reason: image filesize too big dosn't need to resize

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    Artist: FooFoo

    Concept: Ziggers

    The ziggers, though having brains the size of a pea, is a small but ferocious beast. They share the same blood thirstiness as the goblins, and maybe that is why they will only obey the goblins and no one else..

    Attachment 1322391

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