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    Question Do Art Schools Care...?

    ...About prior experience as a freelance artist? I've been making and selling Flash dress-up games (ashamedly) since I was 13, and currently I make corporate brochures while in high school. Admittedly, the dress-up games weren't too great looking back at them, but nevertheless they sold for around $100-200. Now, making these games, I have more experience and they're a bit better and earning me more money (if that counts for anything), but I'm not sure if this is something to include in a portfolio when applying to art school.

    My question is, do art schools care about any of this when I apply? Should I bother mentioning my freelance work? Will it help me get into schools (as a supplement, not for my main work)? Does it even matter? I want to major in animation (with a focus in 2D) and possibly minor in graphic design (if that's possible or not too overwhelming).

    The reason I ask is it's something I've always wondered. I realize just this experience alone won't get me in to art school, but maybe it would help? Could it represent me as a dedicated artist in regards to making a living at art?

    Also, hello! Nice to meet you all-- It's probably odd of me to do introductions last, but I'm new here and this community seems awesome. I've been lurking for a bit, so this is my first official post.


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    Generally art schools don't really care unless your portfolio's awesome (or at least your marks if your portfolio's average).

    I don't know where you're applying to, but if they make you state your past activities and such, put it down. Make it look good and useful to you. Anyway it's great that you have a head start on this.

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    Thanks for the feedback! Both responses helped.

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