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    Eye Making Tutorial

    Here`s a tutorial for making eyes. There are many different ways of making eyeballs. Some more difficult than others. This is, in my opinion, a fairly simple, and cheap way of producing eyes that will probably be good enough for most applications, unless you really need top of the line acrylic eyes( in which case you`ll just have to wait for my eye and teethmaking book!!).
    Anyway, like anything, this method will produce eyes that look as good as the time you put into them. For this tutorial, I`ll assume you know basic mold making and painting.Hope thats OK.

    First, you need to find an eyeball form. A pingpong ball or something similar in size should do. Human eye sizes range from about 24mm-28mm dia.
    Make a silicone rubber mold of this ball. If you need whole eyeballs you`ll need to make a 2 part mold of the ball. For this tutorial I`ll just be demonstrating how to make half round eyes. So, half imbedd the ball in a block of clay, and make your mold.

    Next, get a sheet of clear acetate (one with a matt side if you can) or any clear plastic sheet. Using acrylic paints, paint your iris on the clear sheet.(size is up to you.) Once done cut or punch out your iris.

    Now, remember your mold of the eyeball? You want to get some clear 5 minute epoxy and paint a thin layer into the mold. Let the epoxy puddle in the bottom of the mold. Try to match the size of the puddle to the size the iris you painted.
    Place the iris,pianted side down onto the puddle(don`t trap any air!) . This clear epoxy will give depth to your iris. Let this set. See diagram below.

    Next, is the viening. Unravel some red thread/rayon fibres and smear some more epoxy into the eye mold where you want your veins. Then lay the thread into the mold. Once this is set you are almost there!!

    Mix some more epoxy and this time,using acrylic paint ,mix in an off white colour.This will give the sclera(white of the eye). Mix enough to fill the eye mold.
    Once set,pop out the eye from the mold and if you want to give it a glossy finish, give it a thin coat of clear epoxy. THAT`S IT! Have fun and let me know how you get on!!

      Eye Making Tutorial

    PS I apologise for bad diagram. My eye/teethmaking book will have proper photos!


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    awesome! this is going to be great. i'm going to try this, i'll let you know how i do.

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