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    Games as influence

    What games have influenced you artistically, be it with artwork, music, storywork, or designing your own game?

    Torrin's Passage - this game had some interesting places and characters that have stuck with me and given ideas for worlds of my own that I'd like to create.

    Thief - the gameplay was really fun and the ambiance has given me ideas for my own things.

    Myst - the abandonment of the worlds, the details, and the music has influenced what I like aesthetically.

    Mickey's World of Illussions - this game reminds me of my childhood, which is something I always try to keep in mind when creating artwork.

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    the marathon trilogy-- really great story
    final fantasy 7 --- really great story
    myth-- really creative story

    I used to make a lot of hypercard games as a kid inspired by myth which was run off hypercard. lets see here....

    "the traveler"-- basically just point and click to move around. an adventure/ fantasy dealie which was pretty expansive.

    "grace ghost"-- a game in which you played as my sister in a haunted house, you had to point click the right things to get past different monster encounters

    "andy attack" a ghetto style scripting experiment trying to make an action game where you shoot robots. starrring my brother.

    "alien infestation" a random encounter scripting dealie where you had to clean up the sewers filled with monsters

    "final fantasy yen" um, another adventure game with scripting, you could buy swords, get spells, and there were differnt classes. big plans, but didn't get too far with it.

    "evade mortimer!" a game for class with random encounters. you had to talk all the people at the party without being peer pressured to do drugs by mortimer

    "stryder" another action game. only managed to finish the intro movie.

    hypercard was ghetto style, but a lot of fun!

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    ohhhhh, so damn many ...

    I guess above all else I would say these...

    Pikmin - some of the most subtle demented humor ever - and one of the only times I felt as if I was part of a storybook. When I've been down, that game has never failed to cheer me up.

    Panzer Dragoon Series - such ballsy design carried out over the entire universe - I love when some uncreative person sees the game and says "That can't be a dragon, it doesn't even look like a dragon!" ..... makes me wanna stick my fingers in my eyeballs, I didn't know fantasy had rules...

    Metroid Fusion - best 2d storytelling ever, and more insane booby-traps than all the metroids combined resulting in one of the few games that plays the player.

    ICO - The designers didn't fall into the "we have to be diverse, we need an ice-world, fire-world, water-world, ect." ... the theme of the castle was carried through the entire game, resulting in the castle feeling more than a character than most of today's games.

    Jak II - I wanted to hate it at first, but it's the closest we've come to playing an actual cut-scene, with characters that converse as you play.

    Homeworld, Homeworld II - those gorgiouse animatics :eek:

    HALO - finaly a game that had less cutscene and more playable narrations ... and really it's a battle simulator, not a FPS.

    Animal Crossing - If you have to ask, you'll never know ... the game convinces you that it's not a challenge, but presents your actual patience with it as more a challenge than I've ever experienced in any game.... and somehow it manages to reward... The only game that has resulted in lost relationships, roomate fights, exacted revenge, ebay browsing, and rushed evenings trying to get home before Nookington's closes. Oh the things you can do with internal clocks.

    REZ - beautiful in concept and vision, no other game has made me more thankfull that I don't suffer from epelleptic seasures than this my friends.... eyedrops are a must...

    Ikaruga - so so so so simple, but so innovative ... and it's grea to see peoples' brains splatter against the wall when they try and comprehend what's happening on the screen.

    ... oh so many.. I'll be back...

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    well first off the Warcraft and Starcraft series of games. They both have involving story lines, and good artwork.

    There are other games that I enjoyed from my Sega, but Im gonna have to go dig itout to see if I can't find them.

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    Warcraft2, starcraft and broodwar, warcraft3, aliens vs predators 2, tribes 2. I try to cut down on video games to draw, but I'm an addict I guess.

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    Has anyone ever played 'Syberia'? It's kind of like 'Myst', only in third person. The backgrounds are beautiful, and the story is really interesting. They already have 'Syberia II' out; I plan on getting that after I finish the first one...

    'Thief' is also a great influence; I also enjoy the sneaking and the hiding...and distracting guards from the shadows. But when they find me, I'm screwed!

    'King's Quest' was a big influence on me in my early years; it was fun trying to figure out what actions/words would solve a puzzle, or what inventory item would, for example, make a snake go to sleep so I could get a magic fruit. It helped me solve problems in daily life. Sounds stupid, but it's true.

    And I have to mention Monolith's 'No One Lives Forever' series...all three games are just plain zany fun!!!
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    A few that come to mind.

    Mafia. The intro sequence and the use of movie type cut sequences is still amazing even a couple years later.

    Max Payne 2. I love the gritty look to the whole game and the use of surreal yet almost real visuals.

    Baludur's Gate Series. Although they were prerendered 2D graphics to me they were amazing and I love how they interpretted what D&D would be, its almost exactly how I would have pictured it.

    Starcraft . Not really the game but the cut sequences. They are outdated today but at the time where cutting edge and looked "real". They inspired me when I was in 3D animation class and working on some space sequences, I looked to Starcraft for what could be done. In some aspects the same could be said about Diablo as well.

    Zelda. As a kid I used to create my own RPG's in the zelda style on paper and owed it all to the simple yet engrossing game that was good enough with its 2D style that it transported you to its world.

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    wow so many to choose from!!!!
    if have to say

    Final Fantasy Series (tactics!!!!!)
    Zelda Series
    Lunar 1 and 2
    Tales of Destiny 2
    Secret of Mana
    Dungeon Siege

    Enter the Matrix
    Max Payne
    Half Life
    Quake 3 Arena


    Just to name a few

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    Jak and daxter series and the ratchet and clank series, they both make me want to continue doing 3d game work.

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