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    I'm an emotional person...

    How to gain persistence? When I was a middle school student, I studied well and always got fairly high grades. When I entered high school it's like I suddenly lost my way and was easily disturbed by may affairs... I started to become more and more nagative and felt that most acts I was going to take was just a waste of time. I was fallen. I just played, footled and slept....

    I then entered my college with low grades. I was messed up and got into a serious mental chaos, I footled more... I became impatient and impetuous. I had thoroughly lost myself.

    Many years went by, I'm me now. I have found the calm, or, so to say, I have been numb. But I'm still emotional over events, I just can't get the true peace... Especially I'm jealous of the rich guys. I have fallen in love with this girl, I sense her true love to me. But I sense the hesitation and insecure, too... I know I'm overly sencitive though, I'm not able to become confident anyways...The main point, I think, is I feel inferior due to my low income per month. Although I'm in the developing country, there are many richbags walking around in our city. Am I so called greedy?? Or is that a correct psychology in the situation?

    I planned to do home based business, but I daren't strive for it other than in my spare time.... Because I don't think I'm worldly enough to even survive...... I suppose I'm a doomed loser. It may be better for me to manage to dispel all my desires and be a monk further....

    Seriously, I mean if I can paint fine and create the fabulous professional artworks, I guess it will also help relieve me from the stress... But where the hell is my persistence? Tangled...

    What's your opinions? Any info that's helpful would be.....helpful....
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    Okay.. this is just my 2 cents, but it sounds to me like your main problem is how you feel about yourself and your life. Whenever you talk about accomplishing something, you fall back on that feeling that it's pointless because you're a loser or you lack X or Y or your Z isn't good enough.

    Try not to focus on how you didn't get good grades in high school or whatever; that's not important now. Think about what's ahead of you and how to get there. And don't dwell on what other people have or how other people think; they have nothing to do with your personal happiness. They're out there living their lives and doing what they have to do to be happy; you need to do the same. Make a list of the things you would like to change, things that you honestly believe will make you happier, then list the steps you need to take first in order to accomplish those things. Then start making changes in your life to accomplish those goals, one step at a time.

    In response to your question about motivating yourself to make art, I would suggest the list again. Think about what kind of artwork you would like to make and the areas you need to improve yourself in order to make it. Then think about what you need to do to improve in those areas. Set goals for yourself and start working towards those goals. Having something to reach for, something you're working towards, is a big motivator. And don't just think short-term, also think about what you eventually would want to do with your work when you're good enough to do it (ie concept art, book illustration, comics, animation..).

    Also, there are quite a few threads on this forum about motivation for you to read:

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    Your problems are not art problems.

    Tristan Elwell
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    "Work is more fun than fun."
    -John Cale

    "Art is supposed to punch you in the brain, and it's supposed to stay punched."
    -Marc Maron

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    Quote Originally Posted by untier View Post
    I planned to do home based business, but I daren't strive for it other than in my spare time....
    As much as I hate to be harsh...if that's your attitude, don't bother trying to go the entrepreneur route. It takes commitment, and a lot of effort.

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    Just my two cents...

    Sometimes success is taking what little you have and making it work. It's okay to want more in life, as long as you are willing to work for it. Feeling jealous, need to vent, grass is greener on the other side? That's normal, but don't let those doubts interfere with your goals in life or you'll be left feeling empty. Be happy for other's people's success as much as your own.

    There seems to be a lot of personal issues, and having a girl friend or diving into an art career isn't going to be a big enough band aid to fix that. Anybody can look great on their best day of work, but what really counts is how they handle the bad ones.
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    direrat is right--the past is the past. Don't beat yourself up and worry about what you did or didn't do. It won't help you at all to dwell on it. Today is a new day.

    Your worth as a person has NOTHING to do with how much money you make. Lots of great people make little money or started out making little money.

    If you think you will fail, then you've already lost before you've even started. Go out there! Make tons of mistakes and see that it's not the end of the world.

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    Hi, everybody!Thank you for all the thoughtful considerations to me!

    dierat, yes, I need to set a Goal in the long run, and achieve it step by step with numerous trivial progress. The link you put is very inspiring and encouraging!

    Elwell, I know I've saved up...many problems... Headache. what problems do you think my key problems are? What's chageable and what's immortal?

    Radicou, can a sick attitude be completely cured? Will there be permanent sequela?

    pigeonkill, mmm, I wouldn't like to feel empty anymore. Dosen't it hear like a DIY hell? It seems that I'm facing a must to grow in wisdom to handle the bad ones in my life...Great task!

    emily g, Okay, today is a new day. I'm not a daydreamer who's fancying he will be a billionaire while possesses few resources. I laugh at that sort of men~~! It's hilarious! However, only to be a millionaire works... Atleast I should be able to save up $3K while consuming the other $3K per month, according to current market value. No concessions.

    And I get that the thought which is I will fail, before I've never tried, is kinky... It's a bug, it's a virus. I have to kill it! I'll try hard.

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