Long story short, I want to start up my own graphic design blog website in junction with my portfolio as well.

I'm having the hardest time coming up with a domain name. Since the site will be both a blog and a portfolio (and possibly a design business in the future), I'm at a crossroads between choosing something fun and inviting (for the blog) and professional (for the portfolio and business).

I'm really not in favor of choosing my OWN name for the domain because:

1. My name is incredibly plain. It rivals John Smith or Mary Sue or Jane Doe. So not only is it horribly boring, it's also most likely taken as a domain name.

2. I really would hate to go through the trouble of changing my domain name if I get married and my surname changes.

I've tried brainstorming and listing keywords, phrases, adjectives, verbs, and etc but nothing's clicking =(

So I'm calling out to you folks who already have your own domains/portfolio. What inspired your domain name? How did you arrive at the domain name you have now? Give a fellow designer some inspiration Thanks