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  • Rob Powell

    5 6.94%
  • a_mckeown

    0 0%
  • J-Sun

    3 4.17%
  • sevira

    6 8.33%
  • ColdDegree

    3 4.17%
  • Mydrim

    1 1.39%
  • Lege1

    1 1.39%
  • Mörtn

    3 4.17%
  • ryansumo

    6 8.33%
  • Ricardo Robles

    10 13.89%
  • foofoo

    17 23.61%
  • marko markovic

    1 1.39%
  • Verehin

    10 13.89%
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    C.O.W. #227. Islandback - VOTING!

    C.O.W. #227 Islandback_Voting!



    Topic: the hallucinogenic spirit guide

    Deadline for the voting: Sept. 14th

    Round Requirements (read BEFORE posting):
    - The creature must have a clearly defined "back"

    - The creature must carry or host some form of terrain on their back

    - The terrain on the creature's back must support life

    *Be advised, voting for one's self is strictly prohibited. If I notice that you have voted for yourself, your vote will be removed. You will not be allowed to redistribute your vote*
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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Vanishing Island

    'Have you ever heard the stories of a mysterious island? One they call the 'Vanishing Island'. Imaginitive name, yes. It's location is unkown because once found it disappears before the party returns. Many rumours run about for the reasoning; perhaps it is cursed, haunted by the souls of pirates, or even if it is just a mirage, an illusion brought to sailors who have too long stayed out at sea, some say that the island isn't an island at all but infact a giant creature, one that moves through the water, slowly breaking through the sea's waves. A creature that dives under the surface to disappear into the depth to reemerge someplace else. Of course such shenanigans are preposterously false. But look! On the horizon! Is it that mysterious isle they tell stories of? It is, and we shall investigate! As our ship creeps closer we feel an eerie presence, a feeling as if we are being gazed upon by some hidden entity. Is it true? the island really haunted?'
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    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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    Artist: Anthony McKeown

    Concept: A Bugs World: Bradley the oversized Beetle

    Bradley is an ancient oversized Beetle who has lived on the Earth for millions of years. Bradley has witnessed many changes in the Earths history, including the changes of the tactonic plates, and catastrophic periods such as impact events and ice ages. One day, after awakening from his hibernation sleep, Bradley discovered that several millions of years have passed. The Earths terrain has partially fossilised him alive! He is now the home of many small creatures and carries an entire world on his back. Rather than resenting this fate, Bradley has embraced it and now travels the world looking for new and interesting adventures for him and his many friends carried on his back.

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    Artist: J-Sun

    Concept: Colossal Elotchi

    The Colossal Elotchi is the largest of the Elotchi Species. The largest recorded carapace measuring over a kilometer long and 500 meters high. The Colossal Elotchi supports entire ecosystems both above the water (part of it shell is always above the water line) as a terrestrial habitat as well as beneath the waves, where very diverse (think coral reef) ecosystems typically develop. The case studies of symbiosis, commensalism and parasitism are too numerous to detail in this brief abstract. Suffice it to say the Elotchi is a great provider to the many species that inhabit them through out their formative development, long adult lives and ultimately even in death - perpetually providing a foundation for a vast diversity of life.

    C.O.W. #227. Islandback - VOTING!
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    Artist: sevira

    Concept: Nrym

    There once was a monkey, humble and brave,
    who walked through the jungle, to see his friend Dave.
    Dave lived in a tree, that was far far away
    and the monkey got tired, so he stopped for the day.

    He remembered his mother, who told him one thing:
    "never rest on the ground because the bugs there will sting."
    Monkey was lazy, did not want to climb.
    So he lay down on the ground saying: "only this time".

    Quick came the night, and monkey slept deep.
    Did not hear a thing, had a wonderful sleep.
    Then came the morning, monkey felt the ground shake,
    could not even scream and became flat like pancake.

    The Nrym did not see him, cause monkeys are small.
    The Nrym just stepped on him, because Nryms are so tall.
    So remember poor monkey, who ignored his mothers advice.
    Before you sleep on the ground, always think twice.

    ~tale of the Nrym, found engraved on a stone near a fossilized monkey, signed by someone named "Dave"

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    Artist: ColdDegree

    Concept: Nomadic Mountain
    The Nomadic mountain is a rare creature. During its evolution it slowly grew a mountain like structure on its back, in which many other creatures inhabit.

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    Artist: Mydrim

    Concept: Walking Island
    On the walking island live three brothers, but two of them are sword-fighting every day and the third one have to hunt unicorns alone, so they have something to eat. They also have a sister and an evil three-headed giant is always after her, luckily there's a hero on sea serpent who is following the island, always ready to climb the cave-legs and rescue her.

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    Artist: Legend0187

    Concept: Barottimus Island Back

    The Barottimus is a very large and heavy creature that some claim is a rare existing dinosaur that survived extinction. Barottimus' are very rare and spend most of their days in deep hibernation. These creatures are so large that they can easily be over looked as a nothing more than a mountain scape or valley side. Barottimus's can live thousands of years and form entire forests and other environments on their backs while they lie dorment. Every few thousand years the Barttimus will awaken and look for another location to settle, thus carrying entire environments along with them on their backs.
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    Concept: Agnhilda
    Agnhilda was the last of the seven great Wolpertortoises. Wolpertortoises were strongly bound to nature and so they are a moving habitat for the botanic around them. They lived in solitude and supported the nature simply with their appearance. It is said that before a Wolpertortoise dies it loses its plants and trees first.

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    Artist: ryansumo

    Concept: Turtle Village

    Long after the great cities of fire and smoke had been washed out by the sea, the remnants of humanity learned to once again live in harmony with their fellow creatures. Little hamlets sprung up on the backs of the giant sea beasts that thrived in the new environment travelling all around the globe, never calling a single place home.

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    Artist: Ricardo Robles

    Concept: Tectonic beings of Megalo

    When the cosmic door opened over the Megalo Planet atmosphere, we couldn´t believe what we were seeing. Fortunately the Onboard Computer informed us quickly about that geologic phenomenon, but that didn´t contribute to get us less excited. The planet crust is composed by 30 titanic beings which act like enormous tectonic plates and make living possible at the lithosphere. Why exactly 30? Is that a common race in other planetary systems? Are they in extinction danger, or they are simply immortals? The Computer didn´t knew the answers. It just explained that these ancient creatures were registering a very slowly movement, just like tectonic plates themselves, and each one was carrying a large city in their “back”, keeping the habitants safe from the tremendous heat coming from the liquid lava mantle.

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    Artist: FooFoo

    Concept: Ancient Sand Alligator

    No one knows exactly how long has old Shakob lived...She has lived for so long that rocks made of hardened sand formed onto her back. For countless centuries, the shyvers has used old Shakob's back as their nesting place. The caves found on her back provides natural shelter and protection against predators, because no other creatures dare to go near old Shakob. And when a shyver's life has come to an end, they will fly one last time...into the open mouth of their sacred protector...

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    i was thinking something like this

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    Artist: Verehin

    Concept: Lifereaper
    Roams through dying , burned-out lands, looking for signs of life.

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    Artist: kobe

    Concept: the big wal-rush

    wal-rush a creature that living in summer day, with colorful natural tiny island on it's back, it will bring his master who is the lonely pirate to travel around the world, and collecting treasure.

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