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    Little update

    Rumi Hi, vielen lieben Dank für dein Feedback. Genau dafür ist der Blog auch gedacht =) Und um mich zu motivieren. Hehe.
    Mir gefällt dein Sketchbook sehr gut, genaueres schreib ich dir dann da rein ; )

    And here a little update on my mermaid-piece
    Name:  2013_02_21_fromImagination.jpg
Views: 379
Size:  150.5 KB

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    bewaaaaaareee of oversaturing colours, red and green specifically, they lean on looking fake when they are oversaturated and not mixed with other colours. You are improving. Hmm, umm, more photo studies, cause they looked like your best stuff and, umm, try to hues that are nearing the blackening point, unless its on a shadow. I mean, like, floor shadow. Replaced them with dark reds,brown,blues etc, that are still a few notches away from becoming black.
    My sketchthing
    If i don't reply to questions on others sketchbooks, send me a message. I'm very scatterbrained

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    Good luck on achieving your goal =] You are progressing nicely. Keep up the hard work!
    I'm a peacock, you gotta let me fly!


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    Looking at your stuff and reading that you're dealing with some proportion problems just reminded me of a cool art school trick to help with it. Perhaps, if you don't already, turning the paper upside down at points in the process will help. Or flipping it from left to right if you're working in photoshop. It kind of jolts the brain and forces it to reassess so you can see more quickly when, where and how you're going off proportion. The straight lines thing is a good idea too that I'll have to do again in the future.
    If you're wish my blog and thus portfolio are available for comment. I can always use critique.

    Also, my concept art sketchbook can be found here

    Definition: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
    "You must first learn the rules. That way, you can learn to break them properly"-Dahli Lama

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    Nice updates, it's been a while since i last dropped by here. I think your linework has come along a great deal and is defiantly your strongest point at the moment. This is obvious in your mermaid piece where with a solid line drawing its looking much better. Prity nice values too! Just keep pushing the drawings and your anatomy. The concept art looks awesome too, great job with that. In respect to not getting that job, failure and rejection can only make you stronger if you keep pushing forward. Just improve your skills then show them how great you are.

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    First milestone of freelance game project completed!

    @LoudLikeNature Hi, thank you so much for your helpful feedback. It is much appreciated and I will keep it in mind for tackling future pieces : )

    @V3T Thanks man! I do my best =D

    @Aaron_Radney Hi, thanks for dropping by. Yeah I should definitively do this, but whenever I try the picture looks so wrong that I get totally discouraged. It's so stupid! I have to do it! Thanks man, it's time I stop to be so scared of things. And I'm glad that there is something that helps you a bit also =)

    @warburton Thank you so much. I always enjoy reading from you. I still don't get a job here in Berlin, but I have my first little freelance job. Which is totally awesome =D I won't give up. If you believe in yourself others have no choice but to do this also at some point. Hahahaha.

    Hi guys, it's been kind of an adventure the last month. I'm still applying for jobs in local game companies here in germany. But there aren't many positions in the 2d art sector =( Soo after finishing my online portfolio I started to look for freelance opportunities and I was lucky. I found a independent games developer from New York who I really enjoy working with. We are near the end of the second milestone (2 to go) and it's great. I do a lot of stuff I'm not used to, like animations. But that's good. That way I can only learn more and more.
    So here you can see the initial concepts and animations of the first milestone. Javier was so nice to allow me to post it here. And it's a 2d side scroller with stickman as characters. All of them have a strong resemblance to childhood heroes Javier absolutely loved.

    Any feedback and critique would be much appreciated!

    Concepts for the main character
    Name:  mainCharacter_initialSketches_upl.jpg
Views: 314
Size:  104.3 KB

    Concepts for the first enemy
    Name:  2013_03_14_fw01_enemy_nt3_preview.jpg
Views: 267
Size:  29.7 KB

    Concepts for the second enemy
    Name:  2013_03_14_fw02_enemy_pr2_preview.jpg
Views: 311
Size:  36.0 KB

    Concepts for the third enemy
    Name:  2013_03_14_fw03_enemy_dbz2_preview.jpg
Views: 319
Size:  52.2 KB

    Concepts for the fourth enemy
    Name:  2013_03_15_fw01_enemy_sp4_preview.jpg
Views: 269
Size:  34.8 KB

    Overview over all characters currently in the game. And do you recognize all of them? ; )
    Name:  2013_03_15_fw04_enemies_preview.jpg
Views: 274
Size:  55.5 KB

    main character idle, walking and flying animation
    Name:  mainCharacter_standingAnimation5.gif
Views: 269
Size:  5.9 KB Name:  mainCharacter_walkingAnimation6.gif
Views: 273
Size:  12.6 KB Name:  mainCharacter_flyingAnimation9.gif
Views: 266
Size:  5.7 KB

    first enemy walking and attack animation
    Name:  ninjaturtle_walkingAnimation.gif
Views: 270
Size:  17.7 KB Name:  ninjaturtle_attackAnimation.gif
Views: 264
Size:  12.2 KB

    second enemy walking and attack animation
    Name:  powerRanger_walkingAnimation3.gif
Views: 273
Size:  17.0 KB Name:  powerRanger_attackAnimation.gif
Views: 264
Size:  12.7 KB

    third enemy floating animation
    Name:  dbz_walkingAnimation1.gif
Views: 265
Size:  7.5 KB

    fourth enemy attack animation (the final animations have both the same frame size^^)
    Name:  spawn_attackAnimation.gif
Views: 274
Size:  29.0 KB Name:  2013_03_20_spawn_walkingAnimation11.gif
Views: 274
Size:  37.2 KB

    See yah on the end of milestone 2. Until then keep your heads up and don't stop working your ass off! Because that's exactly what I will do! =D

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    Lovely designs. It's great how simple you kept them while keeping them instantly recognizable. Woot woot on the Spawn model!

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    Being busy doing freelance work

    @chevy28360 Thanks a lot my friend. I'm doing my best to improve and produce art my clients and I like a lot

    Hi guys, long time no post. As you already now I did start working freelance in March this year. I'm so happy that I have got the opportunity to do what I love for a living. It's still a long way to go, there are many bumps in the road, but I never enjoyed working that much before.

    So after I finished the "Stickman"-job in May, I luckily found directly a new amazing project I could work on. The guys from Pyrrhic Studios are amazing. Sadly in July I got a tendovaginitis and had to stop working :'( I'm still unable to draw but do all I can to heal my hand and be on track soon.
    My client is really great, because they still want me to work for them. So as soon as I'm back on track I can finish my contract with them =D

    So here a post which some stuff I did the last months. New ones you will see as soon as I'm able to work again!

    First off the backgrounds I did for the Stickman-project.
    This one ones really hard to one, first because it has to be repeatable in every direction without any visible edges and secondly because painting the same stone structure all day long gets really boring very soon and it takes a lot of nerves to push it through^^
    Name:  background01.jpg
Views: 263
Size:  219.0 KB

    This and the next one are only repeatable to the left and right!
    Name:  background02.jpg
Views: 266
Size:  187.9 KB

    My personal favorite :3
    Name:  background03.jpg
Views: 293
Size:  191.0 KB

    A personal project I'm working on. The big hand, feet and ears are on purpose. More to it later.
    Name:  03_girl.jpg
Views: 261
Size:  46.0 KB

    In May this year I applied for Noah's Art Camp. It was such an amazing experience. Unfortunately I had to stop after week three because of my hand. But I will do all the stuff I missed as soon as it's healed up! First off compositional master studies!
    Name:  04_noah01.jpg
Views: 269
Size:  229.7 KB

    Name:  05_noah02.jpg
Views: 257
Size:  246.9 KB

    Name:  06_noah03.jpg
Views: 283
Size:  231.0 KB

    Name:  07_noah04.jpg
Views: 293
Size:  318.3 KB

    The main menu of "Stickman - Savior of the City"
    Name:  08_menu01.jpg
Views: 255
Size:  72.2 KB

    The end screen
    Name:  09_menu02.jpg
Views: 242
Size:  91.8 KB

    Name:  10_noah05.jpg
Views: 244
Size:  145.5 KB

    Color studies of old master paintings for Noah's Art Camp
    Name:  11_noah06.jpg
Views: 282
Size:  153.2 KB

    Name:  12_noah07.jpg
Views: 254
Size:  93.9 KB

    Full master study - W.I.P.
    Name:  13_noah08.jpg
Views: 259
Size:  194.0 KB

    Digital sketch from imagination - 30mins
    Name:  14_noah09.jpg
Views: 255
Size:  108.9 KB

    Name:  15_noah10.jpg
Views: 261
Size:  81.7 KB

    Name:  16_noah11.jpg
Views: 262
Size:  148.7 KB

    Still life from life =)
    Name:  421317_4206501421173_1110143430_n.jpg
Views: 256
Size:  26.6 KB

    photo study W.I.P.
    Name:  2013_06_05_commissionDeviantart5.jpg
Views: 286
Size:  73.9 KB

    Part of the qualifying test for Pyrrhic Studios
    Name:  17_newjob.jpg
Views: 278
Size:  121.5 KB

    I'm kinda happy how much I managed regarding the art camp in the first week. Finished all 50 compositional studies, did 15/50 color studies and one full master study (/3). It's still a lot missing, but I never painted so much in a single week and this next to my normal work. So kinda proud yes =^.^=
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    I am happy that you are back, sorry to hear about the health problem with
    your hand, I hope the state will get better pretty soon, you just remember to
    think positive all the time, and your healing energy will flow. On the other
    hand you started working as a freelancer and got some nice projects, which
    is wonderful of course, such great news. Congrats on that one.
    I think you have great ideas, your drawing and painting skills are up
    there you are becoming better each and every day. I like the values
    on the portrait above, obviously you know how to handle a challenge,
    and thanks to your bullet proof attitude, you will reach high grounds
    and have a happy and successful future. I will be more than
    pleased if you keep on posting and updating your
    sketchbook. Till our next meeting be good,
    paint a lot and take care.

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    Pyrrhic Studios is starting to release some of the assets I did for their game Noble

    @LtPlissken Hi! Thank you so so much for those nice words. You made my day!
    Now that I finally can work again I will try to update this thread regularly again.

    Hey everyone!

    My hand started to get better and better so the plan was to start painting again on
    September 1st. But sometimes life doesn't want to play along, so this exact morning
    the graphic card in my iMac crashed :'(

    Surely I hadn't a backup of my files so it was a pretty long week hoping they can fix
    everything without destroying my data. Also having to buy a new graphic card and paying
    for a repair isn't the best thing to do after two months in which I wasn't able to work
    and earn money.

    But that's over now. My iMac is back, all data still there, and now also back upped,
    and I started working again. Was really a challenge getting back on track and picking
    up where I left off two months ago. But after one week I'm getting used to everything
    again and it's a lot of fun =)

    Also Pyrrhic Studios, my awesome clients which waited this whole time for me and didn't
    replaced me through someone else (I'm so thankful words can't describe it!) started to
    release the assets I did in June one by one.

    So here a little sneak peak of what is about to come

    Name:  knight_by_tamaira2011-d6m3o6z.png
Views: 236
Size:  51.4 KBName:  berserker_by_tamaira2011-d6m3oh2.png
Views: 234
Size:  50.2 KB
    Name:  ranger_by_tamaira2011-d6m3oqf.png
Views: 232
Size:  44.4 KBName:  wizard_by_tamaira2011-d6m3ooc.png
Views: 243
Size:  57.2 KB

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    Getting back into the habit

    Hi guys!

    After this long time without drawing/painting the only thing I did the last week was trying to get all the freelance
    work done which stacked up. So after spending all the my time with that, I finally started to paint for myself again.

    It's nothing fancy, but I'm trying to figure out what I still know after the break to get back into my study habits.

    So first I tried to paint a woman from imagination. Beware of nakedness!
    Doesn't look great, but I don't do much imagination stuff so I'm glad I finally found the courage to do so.

    Also a quick composition from imagination. Maybe I make this into a painting. Because I think only studying doesn't
    help you much if you don't apply it. So it's time to finally get my scared ass working on that. What do you think? < 3

    Name:  imagination.jpg
Views: 235
Size:  41.2 KB

    Name:  silhouettes.jpg
Views: 236
Size:  77.9 KB

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    spend a bit more time on it


    Time is passing by so fast. It doesn't look like it happened much with the piece,
    but another whole hour is already over òO

    For now I'm happy with it, because I got at least my idea down and hopefully I find
    some time soon to do a tight line drawing of it.

    Good night everyone!

    Name:  silhouettes2.jpg
Views: 235
Size:  114.6 KB

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    Looking good from the inside and from the outside, both ways.
    These silhouette studies are great, I think that they effectively teaches
    you how to distinguish closer from distant object, that is to get deeper
    into contrast and values. The closest to the viewer is always with the
    biggest contrast. You should get back to drawing once again, cause it’s
    already October and the time is ticking. You know that there will be
    Halloween pretty soon, and you will not have anything to show. What
    will the crowd and your fans say, you just cannot let that happen,
    so come back and share something beautiful.

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    @LtPlissken Damn seems you are right. Halloween is over and no update from me. Somehow I don't get emails any more when someone
    replies to my thread But nevertheless I should be here more often. Thanks for the nice words again! Here now a big dump of things I
    did over the last months. Even if I wasn't here, I drew a lot.

    First off more of my work I did for Pyrrhic Studios got released.

    This is the first battle ground you will be fighting on in the game
    Name:  01background.jpg
Views: 211
Size:  528.3 KB

    Game logo, never thought that negative space is much more important then the actually letters. But so you learn, right

    Name:  02logo copy3.png
Views: 191
Size:  63.6 KB

    Promotional art. Tried to keep it in the style of the game. So the proportions are more realistic, but I kept the strong lines and cell shading.
    Name:  03knight copy copy.png
Views: 200
Size:  386.8 KBName:  04berserker copy.png
Views: 219
Size:  483.6 KB

    One of many animations I did and I'm still doing
    Name:  05wizard_frostBlast_plusBackground.gif
Views: 204
Size:  211.9 KB

    Also I had a small contract regarding some concept art. It was really challenging because I normally don't draw animals much. Task was to create a dog super hero.

    First I went with a werewolf like design, because I wanted to try something different
    Name:  06presentation_sheet01small.jpg
Views: 209
Size:  333.7 KB

    Then I also did a more "normal" version
    Name:  07presentation_sheet02small.jpg
Views: 217
Size:  228.5 KB

    Which in the end won
    Name:  08finalConceptsmall.jpg
Views: 218
Size:  162.6 KB

    And yes, I was a good child and kept filling my sketchbook! All from imagination
    Name:  09sketch01small.jpg
Views: 216
Size:  88.0 KB Name:  10sketch03small.jpg
Views: 211
Size:  82.5 KB
    Name:  12sketch05small.jpg
Views: 222
Size:  51.7 KB Name:  11sketch07small.jpg
Views: 220
Size:  63.3 KB
    Name:  13sketch02small.jpg
Views: 206
Size:  51.1 KB Name:  14sketch08small.jpg
Views: 219
Size:  54.8 KB
    Name:  15sketch09small.jpg
Views: 198
Size:  62.6 KB Name:  16sketch06small.jpg
Views: 193
Size:  55.6 KB
    Name:  17sketch04small.jpg
Views: 185
Size:  31.1 KB Name:  18sketch10small.jpg
Views: 216
Size:  72.4 KB

    Here the line art for an illustration I'm working on based on the last sketch
    Name:  19illustration_lineart2 copy.png
Views: 203
Size:  222.7 KB

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    First sketchbook completed!

    Last week t I finished my first sketchbook and I'm so amazed how much better I feel holding it in my hand now
    that it's done then the usual pile of paper I have flying around. Haha.

    So here now the last pages of my now old sketchbook.
    Name:  sketch03_edited.jpg
Views: 213
Size:  65.9 KB Name:  sketch04_edited.jpg
Views: 219
Size:  97.1 KB

    Name:  sketch07_edited.jpg
Views: 214
Size:  101.0 KB Name:  sketch09_edited.jpg
Views: 211
Size:  77.5 KB

    Name:  sketch08_edited.jpg
Views: 195
Size:  62.6 KB

    And the first three pages of the new one, which is Din A4 and therefor twice as big as the last one.
    Will be quite a challenge!
    Name:  sketch010_edited.jpg
Views: 187
Size:  135.9 KB

    Name:  sketch11_edited.jpg
Views: 208
Size:  163.1 KB

    Name:  sketch12_scan.jpg
Views: 192
Size:  198.4 KB

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    Oh damn. I'm really not good in keeping this thread up-to-date. End of November I started to completely redo my portfolio and that next to my usual work-load made me kind of sloppy in regard of it Will try to keep it up more regularly now.

    So let's start with some stuff I did back in 2013:

    Took the sketch to a finish
    Name:  6819774_orig.jpg
Views: 243
Size:  138.4 KB

    Sargent Master Study for Noahs Art Camp
    Name:  6318797_orig.jpg
Views: 236
Size:  79.5 KB

    What I learned
    Name:  imagination5.jpg
Views: 242
Size:  134.2 KB

    Imaginative work for Noahs Art Camp
    Name:  448659_orig.jpg
Views: 204
Size:  61.3 KB

    Name:  8195884_orig.jpg
Views: 205
Size:  50.2 KB

    Name:  5748956_orig.jpg
Views: 211
Size:  83.6 KB

    Name:  9655224_orig.jpg
Views: 195
Size:  76.9 KB

    And the ranger promo art for Noble got finally released
    Name:  316970_orig.png
Views: 201
Size:  473.8 KB

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    Juten tach,.....Balin wa, tolle sachen haste da, mag die comic
    zeichnungen, magst ma bei mir reinkicken. Wenn ich Balin
    hoere muss ich immer an den Prinz pi denken

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