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    I was just poking around the livestream thread and noticed that a few people are actually streaming. I had to click through every link though to find someone that was. But i figure this idea deserved it's own thread.

    My idea is, it would be nice if there was somewhere on the site that we could link our livestreams, and you could actively see a list of everyone currently streaming.


    The above linked site does it where you have to log into the site and manually turn on your stream through the site, but it tracks your viewers, tells people when you are streaming, and the tab on the forums that links to the livestream list says "Livestreams (12)" where the number is how many people are currently streaming.

    I know it wont get implemented immediately, if ever, but something like that would be nice and would likely encourage more livestreaming. I'm watching Tom Scholes livestream right now and i'm sure if people in the lounge were able to easily glance and see that people are streaming, more people would stream and the streamers would get more traffic and thus be more encouraged to stream.

    my 2 cents.
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was going to suggest this as well.. very awesome feature indeed.

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    It would also be cool if people could put a link to their livestream in their signature, and the link had an icon that said whether or not they were streaming.

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