EOW 170/IDW Crossover :: Secret Society Headquarters


This week is a special crossover round with the Industrial Design of the Week activity, co-hosted by Pixie Trick. The EOW topic is Secret Society Headquarters while the IDW topic is to design the Secret Society's relics and any other accessories you wish to provide in addition to those items. What the society is all about is up to you, but be sure to prepare a back story to support your work.

No existing secret societies please! I'm saying this with regret because it'd be really cool to see all of your interpretations of an Illuminati monument But I digress, it's not meant to be this week. Creativity and your own imagination both come into play here and it should make for a memorable institution..

To get the most out of this topic it is best to participate in both parts though it isn't mandatory.

The IDW portion of this topic can be found here: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/sho...d.php?t=225752

Information and Inspiration:

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WIP'S an Final:

Story: In 2015 the world stood for the first time under one banner,one nation it was not long before dictatorship corrupted the new founded worldnation and in 2019, the world was controlled by a handful of people who managed to to bride their way to power, but a secret society resistance was formed in ready to fight for the sake of the human rights and freedom,and they are spreading thro out the world ,still they are in small numbers and they keep growing stronger by each day.

WIP: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/att...1&d=1312903518

Kafka Dreams

Haven't been brave enough to jump into the environment round, but had a good idea for this one. Different from everyone else's I wanted to do an homage to the ridiculous secret society I started with some neighborhood kids. This would be our dream treehouse.




vibhas virwani

story : one mortal started it all, the only one who could . She could bare the burden of the secrets . The secrets that immortal wizards hold for centuries , the source of all their magic and might . Without being corrupted by the knowledge of the secret herself , the secret spread within the mortal species
and the need to keep the secret contained demanded a secret society . The burden of the secret has started to spread amongst the mortals . When the power of the secret is mis-used , the wand shows no mercy to those who may do so ... (open ended ) ...


(Entry would be here but image link broken. PM sent)