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    Sy's Sketchbook

    Hi all! I thought I'd just post some sketches here. I've been drawing for most of my life, but only really got more "serious" about it as of the past few years.

    As far as skill level goes, I'd say I'm somewhere between beginner and intermediate. I'm not the worst, but there's still plenty of progress to be made! Comments and critiques are most welcome. I love getting feedback.

    Lately the skills I've been focusing on are trying to learn how to draw in perspective and also learning the basics of how to construct figures.

    Trouble that I run in to is that I have issues with stopping a piece and working on it later. The overwhelming majority of the art I make is done within a few hours and I never go back to rework older pieces. The good news is that my ability to sketch has improved. However, my ability to produce "finished" pieces, is still lagging behind.

    And, of course, I'm also a serial doodler. I spend more time goofing off with my drawing than I do making or practicing something meaningful. I'm hoping with this sketchbook thread, I'll get myself on track a bit more.

    Now without further ado... here, have some doodles!

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