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    Question Concept art advice

    I don't quite know if this is the correct place for this but I'm trying to create better and more realistic art pieces and would like some advice on what I could do better.

    Also if this is in the wrong threat, sorry and I'll post in the correct one for farther questions, just point the way

    Also sorry about the blur my camera has a lag on it and I can't find my scanner atm.

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    What helped me a lot was to study other works. Like for example I draw a lot of comics and once in a while I sit down, open my favourite one and draw something out of it a couple of times. At this point you make notes of the proportions, the colour and composition. In terms of human figure you make note of the weight, how colour and shadow is dealt with and so on.

    Another good tip is to draw from life. Nothing beats that. The more your eye can pick up from an ordinary object the better your overall standard of work would be. Draw everything. Go out and sketch people in cafes, train stations and in the streets. Sketch down interesting buildings and strange cars. Remember, if you wanna draw an orange - get an orange!

    The best idea would get one or two interesting books on the topic. I don't know what you do but I do comics and graphic design, and so I have books on comics and graphic design.

    This just about covers it. Copy original works, go out and draw from life; and get some books.


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    Thank you for the advice. I will try that out as well as not just limiting myself to one particular style. Just wondering though how would you rate the quality of this work from beginner, intermediate or skilled? Just wondering compared to how very skilled artist see art. Mist whom have seen it already say it's quite good but they don't study art hardly at all either. :/ Just wanted the communities opinion on the matter.

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