Right now I trying to understand how colors and values interact. I reading Color and Light by James Gurney, I read treads and tutorials onlineon the subjects, I watch tutorial on youtube and I practice. Basically, I try to do my homework. Yet I do have a question.

Sometimes when I run into trouble with a picture it helps sorting or out by working just with values in a gray scale . But the trouble occur when I try to color the sketch or picture.

If I try to color it I can't get it to look as good as it would have if I worked with colors all the way through. I try to color it by carefully doing painting a color layer in different hues, using and combining different layer modes and opacity (multiply, color, overlay,,, etc) to bring out the colors and then manually paint over that to get the colors right. It still get that slightly off and metallic look.

Am I better off working with color all the way through, when I want a colored end result? Or is it still a good way to work in gray scale and then try to colorize the painting?

I submit three examples of pictures I been working on to show the problem I'm trying to deal with:
Colored gray scale pictures: http://w176.deviantart.com/art/Charl...nson-212211491
Using color all along (wip): http://www.conceptart.org/forums/att...1&d=1313183064