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    John Ariosa Portfolio

    Hello, my name is John Ariosa and I have been working as a freelance illustrator and concept artist since 2009, mainly in the tabletop and board game industry. I am trying to find a full time 9 to 5 gig doing this and move more towards video game and movie work, but it has proven rather difficult so far. I would really love any advice as to what areas my portfolio is lacking in. I've taken a really big gamble these last few years basing my income on my art and the only way to improve my odds seems to be improving my work, so any critiques are more than welcome.

    My portfolio website is

    Thanks in advance.

    winter witch, personal, 2011

    battleship galaxies concepts, hasbro, 2010

    mountain vargath, plaid hat games, 2010

    swamp orcs, plaid hat games, 2010

    sand goblins, plaid hat games, 2010

    bad news, personal, 2010

    battlecubes, personal, 2010

    salvage, personal, 2010

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    Hi John,

    Great stuff going on. If you're looking to work in the Game industry, you have to decide what kinda game company or even better, which ones you want to work in. The reason why I said so is because most of them only accept submissions or look at work that are purely related to their titles. This may seemed simple and logical but I've seen students or even professional artist who presents drawings with dinosaurs to games like Gears of Wars and detective illustrations to Blizzard.

    Someone I knew just did a kick ass model of a futuristic soldier and was hired by Blizzard years ago. Only one model. It may not work for all of us but its that simple. Hope you find your dream job soon.


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