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  • AdrianNagorski

    0 0%
  • lkjhgfdsa

    9 12.00%
  • El Khan

    3 4.00%
  • Gorromog

    0 0%
  • Ricardo Robles

    22 29.33%
  • haekel

    7 9.33%
  • ryansumo

    4 5.33%
  • Helixx

    2 2.67%
  • Grimstitch

    0 0%
  • v-lkry

    7 9.33%
  • DmnSpawn

    1 1.33%
  • tsabu

    2 2.67%
  • Arbinn

    0 0%
  • Whiskey Sour

    2 2.67%
  • GoldenSerpent

    42 56.00%
  • snippet

    2 2.67%
  • gankulator

    0 0%
  • J-Sun

    1 1.33%
  • Rob Powell

    1 1.33%
  • Jae1234

    0 0%
  • Sealegs

    15 20.00%
  • Lawvalamp

    35 46.67%
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    C.O.W. #225 ,the alchemists golden companion.(the familiar series part2) VOTING!

    C.O.W. #225 the alchemists golden companion_Voting!



    Topic: the alchemists golden companion

    Deadline for the voting: August 24th

    Requirements this week...

    - the creature must be made entirely of gold.

    - the creature must be in the smaller size range. Keep the size comparable to that of the range of dog sizes. Anywhere in that range is acceptable.

    - the creature is mild mannered and friendly. Stay away from vicious violent designs. This familiar is not a fighter, it's a helper.

    - like last week you are not required to include the alchemist in your image. But you can if you would like to. Also you can include the philosophers stone in your image, but like the alchemist this is not required.
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    Artist: AdrianNagorski

    Concept: Nugget-Man A.K.A the philosophers stone

    Tried to render a nugget of gold as a philosopher familiar, playing on the philosophers stone concept.

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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Gylden valp
    As above - so below... Gylden valp began like so many alchemist's musings - a hazy hallucination brought on by the philosopher's stone- yet once sobered up the alchemist found that his golden puppy didn't vanish but rather stayed around. So did the gold the alchemist had managed to create that fateful evening - but damned if he could remember how he did it. Gylden valp remembered however and much to the alchemist's delight.
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    Artist: El_Khan

    Concept: The Golden Companion

    The Old Alchimist, looking all his life for an ancient secret,
    an old Mystery, the philosopher stone.
    He solved the Mystery ! He manage to create his so longed stone,
    but unexpectedly he created something else in the process,
    something that became more importan than the stone itself ...
    something to care for.

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    I've tryed several times to post my COW image (here and in the wip thread), but my post just doesn't show up.
    I'm uploading the image with the attchment mananger.
    The message "Your post has been submited..." appeared.
    Don't know if I'm breaking any rule or it's just an error on the forum.
    Anyone has any idea?
    Thanks for the help

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    Artist: Gorromg

    Concept: The Golden Anteater
    It began as a rather filthy junk of iron successfully turned to gold, and became alive! Over the years it grew and become this strange but remarkable golden anteater that does a very good job at keeping the floor clean of... anything really. Including the most unfortunately toxic alchemic potions.

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    Artist: Ricardo Robles

    Concept: The Mighty Philosopher´s Smelter

    “–A pound of gold for a golden coin… I guess we have a deal? –the alchemist looked to the knight with a funny look in his eyes. Fast as hell, the knight dropped a clinking bag onto the table full of sculpted runes, and started to rub his hands while smiling with greediness.”
    The Mighty Philosopher´s Smelter appears when an alchemist achieves his greatest goal and makes the Philosopher´s Stone work for the first time. The first creation coming out the alchemy laboratory is a small and extremely powerful creature entirely made of gold, and its size and form depends on how much /what kind of gold the alchemist invests in its creation. How many magicians and alchemists killed themselves after a whole life of saving gold, and after a failed Stone experiment (with an incredible amount of volatilized precious mineral), we´ll never know.
    That sacrifice is worth well, cause this little creature will act as an amazing fusion tool and the fire it expels will allow the alchemist to create great bunches of gold and ancient and very complex formulae. With a side effect, the creature consumes itself and needs a minimal but constant gold feed.

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    Artist: Haekel

    Concept: Golden chameleon

    The golden chameleon is alchemist's perfect pet. No one knows why, but as it touch something, success of transmutations seems to grow significantly. Unless if it's pure psychology, and the créature has no impact.
    Anyway, feeding it with golden crickets has an heavy cost.

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    Artist: ryansumo

    Concept: Yng-sens's Vyrner

    The Oriental alchemist's Yng-sen had little luck in his previous experiments, mostly because he insisted on using cow's dung as the basis for his research into the fabled Philosopher's stone. He finally met with success one day when the village children replaced the cow dung with some of their own as a practical joke, producing not only the Philosopher's stone but a magical golden creature that would be heavily involved in his future experiments involving cow urine.

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    Sory That I don't have a time for a note, it's not from my wrong.
    I upload my drawing:

    Artist: Swiezy

    Concept: Ratman companion.
    C.O.W. #225 ,the alchemists golden companion.(the familiar series part2) VOTING!
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    Artist: Helixx

    Concept: Golden Long-Limbed Finger Pointer
    After finding he had created the famed philosopher stone, the legendary alchemist noticed a small creature hiding in a dark corner of his laboratory. On further inspection it appeared to be a strange looking gangly thing with arms and legs long and thin. No bigger than a small dog, it stood there trembling. The alchemist learned to love the creature as his own. "Fantastic! A helper!" he thought to himself. Alas the only thing the creature could do was point.

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    Artist: Grimstitch

    Concept: The Alchemist's Golden Companion
    The Alchemist calls him "Fluffy"

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    Artist: v-lkry

    Concept: Aureusaur

    After the philosopher stone was concocted, instant precipitation formed. A carcass of a small cat had been on the Alchemist's table, and as the precipitation formed and mutated the carcass, the carcass stood on its own, with newly added metal appendages. It is to note that the long tail, as written in the Alchemist's journal, seems to be an umbilical cord to the newly born.

    The creature is a constant companion to the Alchemist, and for the most part, is a valuable asset in organizing and keeping things tidy surprisingly enough! In addition, what better way to hide the Stone... then in plain sight?

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    Artist: DmnSpawn

    Concept: Golden Stitch Beetle
    The Golden stitch beetle secrets liquid gold that quickly hardens into a fine thread that it uses to stitch or sew golden fabric that is stronger then steel because of the fine weave. It also stops electricity and protects vs fire.
    It only makes this fabric when the alchemist wishes which is often since it's his new favorite material to work with in his experiments.

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    Oho's are small, wise, and very obliging kind of familiars. Having one of them as a companion is a dream, and desire of all wizards, and alchemists around the world.
    Sadly for them getting one is very hard, and its not just because they don't know the proper recipe. These one's who knows the recipe, also are cautious of making use of it, because the major recipe is... the the alchemist first born child.

    These few who decide to go through the full process and sacrifice he's own child, are promoting in the art of Alchemy very fast and soon thanks to the wise advices of friendly Oho's, are available to accomplish most difficult alchemical tasks. Oho's are not only very useful, but also happy and cheerful companions, but sadly the grand master's alchemist's faces are always sad and gloomy.

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