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    Some B&W doodles, photo reference heavy! ^^

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    Some mockups from Rune Masters that I did recently:

    (I didn't make background for this one)

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    Nov 2011
    Hey thank you for the command ^^ it made my day lol
    I think you have to make your shading smoother (your shading lines were sometimes seeable) and prevent too much blight spot, maybe try to draw and shade balls or other geometrical forms to improve your shading

    visit my Sketchbook!
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    Not always overblending is the best choice

    And also my latest works are done in 10-25 minutes so it's normal that brush strokes are noticable :p

    Not saying that my shading is great already ofc

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    Practiced some concept art today:

    And again some quick photo study

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    Just an old geezer...

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    Sorry, it's not an art update, but it's even more important to me

    After almost a year of a hard work we are more than happy to announce that Rune Masters is now available to PRE-ORDER.

    more info about the game
    Windows only atm, but it works fine under Wine

    It's amazing how much progress we've made recently. Standards have gone up higher and pace of work has increased when we finally saw a light in the tunnel trying to motivate us that this work will pay off. And here we are! Several concept ideas, few mechanics testes, few graphic assets version and after all of this we made it. And we made it big.

    We think that our look at match-3 gameplay is something really rewarding. Fast-paced realtime battles with a need to use merely two buttons does wonders and makes the game really enjoyable. On top of that add cool graphics with vivid effects and sfx and the game is just flowing on your screen. The depth we added with an RPG system makes the character progression something really desirable and you seriously want to level up and fight with better enemies!

    What can I say - I'm very proud that we all met here on the finish and after all the problems we have a product that is on a way shorter road to complete whilst being already damn fun. Hope you enjoy it!

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    Didn't have time to draw because of my game's release...

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    Jul 2011
    You're showing a lot of progress here ! Great to see you starting to do more studies too - I know it can be painful (even boring) to do them when all you want to do is draw from imagination but it'll help so much, and personally I always feel a lot happier with my imaginative work when I've been doing studies to help. The one thing I always remember when doing studies is to make sure I'm drawing what I'm actually seeing - not what I *think* I'm seeing. My art teacher always told me the brain makes assumptions on what's there, so you're not actually drawing what it is unless you look properly. It helped me, anyway .

    Keep it up!!!

    Please drop by my sketchbook and help me improve!
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    Sep 2010
    Congratulations on almost finishing rune masters! Other than that, there is a lot of progress in the last 4 pages.
    As bobtail said, doing studies will help you a lot!

    :: Facebook !
    :: have a nice day
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