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    max darkness of brush strokes suddenly very light

    anyone have experience with this problem? My opacity settings are turned up but the darkest strokes i can make are still very light. I didnt even do anything to trigger this, it just randomly happened

    thanks for any fixes

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    Hi guys... I am new to this forum thus do not know what is this all about and what should be done specifically on this topic. Can someone out here guide me....... !!

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    Hi bluewakes, Can you provide more information about the problem? Which opacity settings are turned up? The brush, the layer? something else? Are you using a mouse? a tablet? What version of Photoshop?

    Here is a checklist of common causes for this symptom:
    1) the layer in which you are drawing has the opacity set to less than 100%
    2) the layer in which you are drawing is in a layer group with a reduced opacity
    3) the layer in which you are drawing has a layer mask or a clipping mask with an opacity less than 100%
    4) the brush is set to less than 100% opacity
    5) you are using pressure sensitivity and not pressing very hard
    6) your brush is set to a blending type of something other than "normal" such as "darken" "color" "hue" etc
    7) your layer or layer group is set to a blending type of something other than "normal" such as "darken" "color" "hue" etc
    8) there is a layer above your drawing layer that is filled with white and set to more than 0% opacity
    9) you are painting with a color other than black.
    10) you switched to a different tool like the airbrush or spray can by accident
    11) it's a weird bug that will be resolved by rebooting.

    That's all I can think of at the moment. Good luck!

    Nennie. Did you post in the wrong thread? I don't understand what you mean.
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