yes, no tutorial, I'm actually searching a kind of tutor.
In matter of facts, I hope here is some advanced artist (who works with pencils), who could help me on several things:
- Help me to search tasks to practice
- answers me questions, if I get one
- helps be being motivated, so that I start to draw everyday a little bit.
Or at least give me some tipps, with what you started to practice.

Here are some drawings (the are unsharp, because of a bad digicam), maybe it can help you to guess, what my acutal skilllevel is and what I should improve next:
[i]First time I tried to draw a potrait on the base of a photo (kind of doesn't look like the intented person...)
Searching a tutor
A second time I used another picture of still the same person, this time I am rather proud of the result
Searching a tutor
And finally a picture you probably have seen in other threads. It was drawn, to see if I can draw complete persons and for a contest:
Searching a tutor