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Thread: Clarissa La Bue Portfolio

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    Clarissa La Bue Portfolio

    My name is Clarissa La Bue and I want to do character concept art. I just finished putting together a small portfolio of my stuff from my first two years of college. I would be in my third year but I had to drop out in may so I am trying to make it now. Any input on what to add, what to fix, and anything else that might help me round out my portfolio would be greatly appreciated. I know that there is barely any concept art in my portfolio but I'm not sure I'm even going in the right direction. I spent three years in college and majored in fine art but it was dull and my heart wasn't really in it. Now that I am trying to do this myself I have absolutely no direction so any advice that will help me better my portfolio will help me.
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    Hey,, great stuff! Think there's great potential if you keep working on it. I did notice some anatomical errors, on 847-7963.jpg, It seems that the man's left hip is protruding out too much, but yeah, correct that , and I think it'll look awesome. Also, Billy.jpg is looking a little too short.

    But on the whole, great job!
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    Yeah, I think you should spend more time on your stuff as a lot of it, especially the character designs are a bit rough. You have skill, just spend more time refining your work.
    My Sketchbook: Criticisms and Feedback needed

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    I think you let us see to much unfinished work, if this is a portfolio and not a sketchbook you really dont want us to see it. basically, looking at a portfolio I expect to see finished work, so I regard every piece as a finished work, even if it isnt finished I will still think hat you are putting it in there as a finished work. so I will think that you have low standards, and I dont want someone working on my project who has low standards. (I dont actually have a project but you get the idea). If you are going to put a sketch in there, only put it in if it is particularly cool or showcases something that you can do particularly well.

    while allot of these pieces are good, allot of them are not, and they drag the viewers regard for your skills down with them.

    I also dont think you are aiming your portfolio at the character concept art market, you dont really seem to have done any character concepts here or branched into any styles other than the one.
    A studio will want to know that they can tell you, I want a seven foot troll that is clearly a bit hard on his luck but is still quite amiable (or any other of endless character types), and that you will be able to do ten versions of it fairly quickly in different styles.
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    I agree that this is stuff for your sketchbook rather than portfolio. The charcoal figure studies, I must say, are beautiful!!
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