Hello guys

I am new here and as a introduction of myself and my work - I will show you what I've made last month for a client.

It is called - Pilići or Chickens [little chickens] - It is music animated video I have made using excellent Renoise music tracker [all you hear I played with my recorded voice] and AfterEffects for animation and synchronizing motions with audio.

Chickens are drawn by my friend Jamon in Flash and I had to export each layer from Flash to Photoshop and make each chicken as bunch of groupped layers. Then I opened file in AFterEffects and start animating. It took me ~3 weeks to animate by hand whole scene. Please take a look and drop me a comment

Chicken Lines - music video - light [shorter] version

It is classic game "Lines" but with chickens and it can be played via FaceBook and soon programmers will be finishing iPad & Android versions. iPhone game is in consideration.

Ми смо Пилићи - Пилићи смо Ми - краћа верзија
We are Chickens - Chickens are We! - short version
Види Пилиће / See Chickens: http://www.pilici.com
Играј Пилиће на Фејсу / Play Chickens on FaceBook:
музика и анимација / Music & Animation:
djnick [deetronic] http://www.djnick.rs
продукција / made in: Nebit Nebit Production

Any comments are welcome