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    mouser's 2.0

    Hey Guys

    My name is Marius Bota i have been away for some time now, did not really feel like updating and showing people what I do but lately i felt like it will be nice to get some eyes on what i have to offer .

    Its my second year freelancing, i gotta say it was a great learning experience and I am sure i don't wanna stop here

    So i will start with some personal stuff that are as well in my portfolio and studies and i will for sure thy to keep a update everyday

    I also have this stream that i do everyday at 1 AM GMT+2, doing personal stuff, anatomy studies, master studies and all that kind of awesome stuff so if you wanna join me and talk about stuff feel free.

    I am no awesome artist but that's one of the reasons i do the streams to motivate myself to study everyday

    Paintings coming in the next post.

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