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    Random Chatter

    I think we need one of these threads, so we don't have a billion little threads of odd random thoughts throughout the lounge. I VAGUELY remember something like this existing, but perhaps not, and if it DID exist, it's clearly dead now. Post anything you want, whether it's weird, funny, sad, questioning, etc.

    I'll go:

    Today I think I finally know how people who only post art on DeviantArt feel like once they first post on ConceptArt. I was posting some poems on little poetry communities and receiving basically only positive feedback. Against my own wisdom, I blindly believed that positive feedback and was feeling sort of decent about myself. And then I posted on another, much more professional website that actually publishes the works of renowned contemporary poets throughout the world. My poems were basically ripped to shreds. Unfortunately the poems were NOT critiqued so constructively as one might be on CA even if they came from DA. My poetry was called bland, immature, juvenile, and cliche'. One person even quoted Keats who said that "if poetry come not as naturally as the leaves of a tree it has better not come at all" and that perhaps it shouldn't come from me. And then I found myself with my guitar struggling to find a chord progression, a melody... ANYTHING (other than some stupid little riff I wrote that sounded a bit like Opeth) that I can build a song out of. If the man himself is the medium of the artwork, it's days such as these that give me cause to question my own self worth. And with this (and other sources) the depression is seeping slowly but steadily back in.

    And with that I close my random thought. Mine wasn't so cheerful, but that doesn't mean that yours has to be about struggle.

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