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Thread: Critique wanted

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    Critique wanted

    Hi! I recently knew about this site and people asure me i could get real critiques here ^-^

    These two draws are fanarts of xmen evolution: Jean Grey and Storm.
    Both are colored with copic markers and edited on photoshop.

    Critique wanted

    Critique wanted
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    Hi... it is possible to see that the proportions of the body according to the size of the head is not correct... after making the basic structure of the body in your future works, check if the proportions are correct and make the needed fixes before going to the next steps...
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    To add, figures look very flat. You can fix that by adding shadows and highlights and good anatomy.
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    You ought to brush up your understanding of anatomy. I know that these may be supposed to be slightly chibi-esque, but Jean's outstretched hand looks like a some sort of chubby starfish. Also her other knee is way too up. Very little of the highlights (especially in their hair) make sense considering the environment and effects.
    Generally these both have bunch of awkward anatomy, foreshortening and proportion issues, and both of them seem very "conveniently" posed with other leg hidden and floating in air.
    Also... those Photoshop effects look pretty bad. They're not as tacky as some that I've seen, but look out of place and are instantly recognizable as digital effects. It'd benefit you more if you learned to create these effects yourself.

    Basically read through the Loomis books, downloadable from here: (though they're getting re-printed currently) and do lots of drawing from real people.
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    Ah yes. Anime influenced work. This is tricky, bet let's see how we go.

    First of all, varying styles of anime are quite stylized with abnormally large heads, 30 year old women that look like 5 year old girls, eyes the size of dinner plates, proportions of small children on adults etc. Each style varies... I'm personally not a fan of most of those styles, but I do like some... And that's because their done well. This is like a chibi style I think?

    But let's analyze what we can. Already I can tell you that you colouring needs more contrast and you need to look at studying the way cloth folds too. I like manga and anime, and many of my drawings reflect influences from there (I'm Asian, raised on Asian cartoons and anime. Sue me.) So I know a bit about the art of the far east.

    Not a fan of your short women though. It's still possible to draw cute woman with big heads, but your proportions seems off. I think it's because you give your women lack of definition. They kinda look like they have fat legs, or more so the legs of a small child or tween.

    Critique wantedCritique wanted

    ^^I'd like to note I did indeed spell definition wrong.

    I can't say I'm a fan of your proportions either. You can still have fairly large heads, but the bodies themselves still need some doing up. Typically, a small child has a small body big head. When that is applied to an adult, it creates weird results. The women need longer legs and more accentuation of their curves. And please pull back the Photoshop filters and over done digital effects. They offend me.

    Critique wanted

    The storm pose is alright, but there's too much empty space on the bottom right. Her hands also need to be GRASPING the lightning, or else it's just another cheap effect you've slapped on her hands in Photoshop. Jeans hands also look too fat and weird. Better study up on hands. Especially the close up hand. You also should show some of her arms behind the hand to create some depth. Just showing one hand (with no arm behind it) makes it look flat. You also should twist her hips more. Lack of realism in her pose is making her look off.

    When using copec markers, you need to define your shapes with your shades more. At the moment, everything is too blended and flat for my liking. Try and get an understanding of light more. Jean has so much sparkly its around her, her shiny, latex suit should have heaps of secondary lighting everywhere. But I see none. The lack of secondary lighting or environment lighting destroys any depth that should be in the image resulting in a fairly flat pinup.

    Be careful with anime. Japanese artists may simplify their figures, but everything else is drawn with a huge amount of realism (something a lot of white anime artists fail to realize) this includes clothing, backgrounds, objects like cars, motorcycles and even nature. A lot of their background resembles the popular 90's type technical illustrations. Straight accurate lines and effective use of inks using only black and white. My final advice is do more research and study on the basics. Poses, anatomy and line work is very important.

    Keep at it. for more of my work! To find my on Deviant Art!
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