My Own Magic Cards project (environments)
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Thread: My Own Magic Cards project (environments)

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    My Own Magic Cards project (environments)

    Hi everyone,

    I started with this project where I take a name of a playing card (I'm using Magic 2012 here) and try to create a own image just by reading the description and not take a look at the image that comes with the card.

    I'm currently working as a freelance artist and I want to improve my portfolio to send to card game publishers. It would be a dream come true to be able to draw cards for those publishers.
    So that is why I started this topic, I hope to get a lot of feedback while I post my wips here of the cards I want to make. Here is a list I combined:

    • Drowned Catacomb
    • Glacial Fortress
    • Fog
    • Forest
    • Mountain
    • Island
    • Plains
    • Swamp
    • Sunpetal Grove
    • Rootbound Crag

    I also had a look at the Magic Style guide which you can find here:
    and more information about the thinking process of the images:

    Finished cards:
    • Swamp:
      Name:  swamp_LinoDriegheArt.jpg
Views: 2250
Size:  423.3 KB Name:  swampcard.png
Views: 2057
Size:  220.9 KB
    • Mountain:
      Name:  mountainfinal.jpg
Views: 1633
Size:  431.8 KB Name:  mountaincard.png
Views: 1632
Size:  240.9 KB
    • Drowned Catacomb:
      Name:  drownedcatacomb8.jpg
Views: 1333
Size:  33.4 KBName:  card.jpg
Views: 1353
Size:  118.8 KB

    To let things started, I choose the Swamp card first.


    I started with creating some quick thumbnails and made the canvases of the ones that I liked a bit darker:

    Name:  sketches.jpg
Views: 1985
Size:  501.2 KB

    Then I made a small color sketch of one of the thumbnails.

    I currently have only one sketch to show. The plan is to create some more so I (or we ) can choose the best one to work out.

    Name:  swampfirst.jpg
Views: 1973
Size:  368.7 KBName:  swampsmall.jpg
Views: 1931
Size:  67.1 KBName:  swampgrey.jpg
Views: 1928
Size:  40.5 KB

    Thank you very much in advance!

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