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    4 4.94%
  • Pat Thompson

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  • siryder

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  • JanJager

    7 8.64%
  • neilpa77

    5 6.17%
  • OchreHand

    29 35.80%
  • dragon4lunch

    19 23.46%
  • zimfin

    4 4.94%
  • jagder

    8 9.88%
  • Eightball

    3 3.70%
  • Penpoint

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  • Incinerated

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  • Mr. Gadbury

    13 16.05%
  • merl1n

    9 11.11%
  • snatti

    46 56.79%
  • Hideyoshi

    27 33.33%
  • Corrick

    19 23.46%
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    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112
    topic suggested by Dile_


    Design a Shanghai of the future. It doesn't get any better than this...

    More info:

    Deadline: Monday, August 1st



    Anyway, I went ahead with my idea I put forth earlier in this thread. This is a scenario where sea levels are super-elevated (about 30 meters perhaps), which would be a major problem for Shanghai. By building an advanced wall to hold some of the water back, then using the pressure from the water to fill and stream through elevated water channels, people were able to create roadways with boats instead of cars. (Boats with sort of a waterwheel design, as seen in the parking lot).

    This is a future where electricity is rare, but where material technology is very advanced. People use tensile (tent like) architecture, sometimes self-illuminated as shown here. The fabric "opens up" with many holes when hit with extreme wind force, so that way it doesn't get blown away/destroyed in the case of a hurricane.

    PROCESS: (highly recommended)

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)

    Pat Thompson

    EoW #169: Pat Thompson
    "Shanghai Sky Port Concept"

    Due to global warming, Shanghai's old streets have become submerged, and since the price of gas is so astronomically high in the future, transportation went more the public route - as seen by the numerous Sky Trams - or to lower tech, such as mopeds and junk ships as seen below. The rich of the city (mainly government workers and owners of factories in America) can afford the flying cars, which can be seen docking at the specialized sky port in the center of the image. It functions as a 3 dimensional parking lot, complete with a shady park up top, with access to the Sky Tram from the roof. The Sky Tram can also be accessed from the blue glass elevators at street level, which is how most of the population gets around these days if they don't have a scooter.

    Also, Mao has been further deified, and is thought of as the founder of China's prosperity, so he is honored throughout the city with giant jade shrines, complete with sunburst lighting. On a side note, the Sky Port structure was inspired by China's Expo Center building, and the Chinese character "Zhong" which is part of "Zhong Guo", meaning "China". The circular base and courtyard architecture are inspired by traditional feng shui layouts, and the Hakka minority living structures. I think as China modernizes, they will begin to lose the minorities, and so will try to cherish and honor them with recreations of the minority's culture in modern life.

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)

    Crits? Ran out of time when doing the vehicles, so I know I need more detail there, as with the water. Also wished to have more time doing fun little doodads on the the street level and in the dark market in the corner, but not enough time. will try to polish it up more so as to put in my portfolio. any suggestions on how I can improve it are very welcome!



    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    Through the century, rapid development and advancement in engineering spawned seemingly endless amount of super towers. Concerned about the quality of life from a very vocal public, the Government designated specific land plots to preserve the natural parks that near the Huangpu River. In response, powerful real estate moguls crowded all their skyscrapers into the same tiny spaces. The result? A plethora of 500th+ floor towers that meld and blend into each other.

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    Sketches and thumbs:

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)

    Mr. Gadbury

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    From 2050 to 2112, unemployment went up by 70% and the average citizens were forced to move to the outskirts of shanghai. In time, the beautiful city of Shanghai started to slowly turn into another slum in the world...

    Sketches and WIP:

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    The decaying ruins of Shanghai, Old Earth Year 2112. No-fly zone status imposed 2097, atmospheric debris and particulate matter beyond safe limits.

    Abandoned after Earth's atmosphere was stripped away by twin gamma ray bursts weak in their own right but strong enough to end this phase of Earth's history in the late 21st century, the crumbling ruins of Shanghai maintain a constant plume of pulverized concrete and steel in the air. It is a smuggler's haven, for those brave enough. In an instant ones own hiding place may be crushed to dust by decomposition and unwilling demolition. The fortunate industrial scavenger may still find deposits of endura-steel within the skeleton of buildings still standing.

    For those others who visit, it is a gravestone with mankind's ingenuity and ultimate frailty the inscription.

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    The thought was along the lines that Shanghai flooded in the future and architecture style had to adjust to that. I also thought about ice age. Icebergs floating between contained environment skyscrapers. What could sustain pressure from an iceberg? I heard they had project for a bridge like that O_o.

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    Not up for poll but up for additional visual majesty:


    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)


    Post apocalyptic Shanghai
    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)

    Unfinished entry by ismo

    EOW 169 :: Shanghai in 2112 - (snatti wins)

    Vote for your favorite entries!

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    Join us for the EOW..

    New World Creation: Designers Wanted – Environment of the Week

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    Things came up and I missed this one too. Bummer.

    Anyways, great round. Very bold cityscapes here.


    Zirngibism: Nice original design. As you said, it could use some more detail,but it's still a good entry.

    Pat Thompson: Pretty good man, the concept comes through nicely. Some (hopefully) constructive criticism: You could have pushed some elements back a bit to give the image a clear focal point (The Mao statue, perhaps). Also try to avoid pure black (the vehicles, the lines in the buildings) and white cause it flattens the picture. Now there's also saturated lights everywhere which makes it bit tiring to the eye. The buildings also seem bit too blurry. Still, you did good.

    siryder: Interesting looking design on those buildings. Giant floating lanterns, nice! You could have add some more traffic and lights to make the city look bit more alive. Good stuff.

    JanJager: Bit sketchy, but the idea still comes out nicely. Good sense of scale.

    neilpa77 : Interesting composition, but feels a bit unfinished. Where's the traffic and the people?

    OchreHand: Very professional looking concept. Love the sense of scale. Voted.

    dragon4lunch: Great work. The amount detail is dizzying. Great architecture designs too.

    zimfin: Nice job with that rain, although I think you focused bit too much on the vehicles.

    jagder: A bit different take on the subject. I like it. Very 'fallout'.

    Eightball: Lively and colorful. Very nice concept. Maybe the foreground ships could have used some more polishing.

    Penpoint: Pretty nice and lively. Though I don't know if the tilting of the canvas really benefits the image. I caught myself tilting my head when looking at this.

    Incinerated: Interesting, is that white stuff snow? Feels bit unfinished.

    Mr. Gadbury: Overall very nice looking image, but I feel it relies maybe bit too heavily on photo textures.

    merl1n: Looks pretty lively and nice, but the photo textures jump out bit too much.

    snatti: Very cool concept. The worn-out look is very convincing. Also your use of textures is really good. They blend in with the painting instead of jumping out as in some of the other entries. Voted.

    Hideyoshi: I like the shabby industrial look of this. Nice work with the perpective too.

    Corrick: Very cool ominous mood. I like the story behind it too.

    Sergon: Feels bit unfinished. I would have liked to see you incorporate that backstory even more.

    android411: This says Shanghai to me. Nice job.

    "You might be disappointed if you fail, but you will be doomed if you don't try"

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    Some of the most amazing EOW entries in quite a while. I'll update this post with critiques later

    EDIT: See? Told you!

    Zirngibism: It's a unique concept, but an incredible shame that you didn't take it any further. There's plenty of potential in the design, but the lack of detail in the back gives it a pretty confusing look. Some atmospheric perspective and suggestions of distant architecture would've gone a long way for it/ I do enjoy the use of bright colours, though!

    Pat Thompson: It looks pretty unfinished. I think ismo touched on most I'd say, except two. Pay close attention to your value and lighting; it currently looks extremely bright, withbarely any proper shadow/highlights. Second; keep going with those EOW's; practice makes perfect!

    siryder: I love floaty stuff. While the concept and composition is very strong, I think it could've benefited from an extra couple of hours spent on detailing. It almost looks deserted at this point; where's all the huge ads, the parties, the traffic jams?

    JanJager: Amazing colours! It's a shame it's so loose at this point, if the edges would've been a bit more crisp, I think this one would've been a top contender for winning this week. I really enjoy how you captured the lively atmosphere.

    neilpa77: While it's a lovely clean look, it seems to lack some sense of life. While the ads are done incredibly well, it has a very cold and clinical atmosphere to it.

    OchreHand: Immense sense of scale, and a fantastic colour scheme. You've combined the elements of the buildings amazingly well, in a way that really does fit the description you added. Voted.

    dragon4lunch: Fantastic! You did a great job incorporating this set of buildings into Shanghai's current cityscape, it just looks like those buildings belong there. Voted.

    zimfin: It's a really great illustration, but to me, it seems to mostly display the robots and vehicles. While they're done very nicely, it just doesn't show off the environment at all, and I think it thereby misses the point of the EOW.

    jagder: Very desolate and remote, I like it. The right side of the image looks a lot more finished than the left though; and between the two, there seems to be a different sense of scale. It's a shame, I really would've wanted to see this one live up to its full potential!

    Eightball: The future as imagined back in the 80's, huh? I really like it, I just wish it was cleaned up a bit more. The tubes, buildings, lights.. It looks very solid. Was some of that architecture inspired by Beijing, by chance?

    Penpoint: Not my favourite, I'm afraid. There seems to be a lot of texture without much of a purpose; much of it doesn't help define any shapes. I think that if you'd have spent more time defining the basic edges, it would've come out a lot better.

    Incinerated: This one looks a bit empty right now; I think it could use some more time spent on it.

    Mr. Gadbury: It's very moody, but I'm afraid the photographic textures are a bit too heavy. It doesn't mesh well with the painted elements at this point, and creates a bit of a grimy look to the image. Also, make sure to clean up your painted elements a little - the guys in the foreground have a few holes in them.

    merl1n: As with Mr. Gadbury, be careful not to overuse photo's. You also have a bit of a blurry, smudged look to some of your painting, and that takes away a lot of definition. Try to keep edges as crisp as possible, and only start applying textures later on in the process - the outcome will look a lot more crisp.

    snatti: Now that's some amazing use of phototextures. It's raw, gritty, and has a very strong composition. The atmosphere it creates is moody and heavy, something pretty hard to achieve; you've done very well. Voted.

    Hideyoshi: Very grand and atmospheric. Something feels off about the boat and the trail behind it though; I think it's the perspective, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Either way, I love how you incorporated classic architecture, great job.

    Corrick: Unique concept, ominous mood and very nice execution. I'm not usually a fan of a strong engine glare, but you're pulling it off very nicely here. The buildings are very well-defined, and the light fits the mood perfectly. Voted.

    Sergon: It's a nice concept, but I wouldn't say it's much more than a sketch, currently. Definitely has good potential though.

    android411: I have a hard time getting a good read from this piece. There's some perspective errors on the right hand side, and the mid- and background seem much too separated right now. It's really missing an element that'll pull it all together.
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    Thank you ismo, I guess I should have give it some more time and at least blend those textures better.

    Anyway I voted for Ochrehand, because his design and clear execution stand out and also for snatto, who rendered that scene very nicely and gave lot of work into it.

    There are also other nice entries, but these two simply stand out.

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    I voted for Neilpa, he has the best executed piece and the cleanest looking piece.

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    Red face Appreciative thank you!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Icedearth15876 View Post
    I voted for Neilpa, he has the best executed piece and the cleanest looking piece.
    Wow, thanks for the vote Icedearth15876, really means alot to have someone choose mine as their favourite!...Its nice to know that even though i did not get chance to finish the piece (ie. adding more life and colour) you have been able to look beyond this and see its potential.

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    Thanks for the feedback and votes folks. You are right; I focused way too much on the vehicles this time round.

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    Great round. Hard to pick a favorite.
    Thanks for the crit.

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    Great entries everyone! I voted Hideyoshi's piece as it conveyed immediately that it was a future shanghai without the need of a description, man I have to enter an EOW at somepoint!

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    Dragon - I really like how you incorporated the shapes of some pre-existing architecture into the design of your building!

    Hideyoshi - Your piece reminds me of Ghost in the Shell a very good place to find inspiration for this prompt, I think.

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    Hi creative humans
    Would've liked to join in!,...anyway, everybody's work looks great, well done all!

    I'm still deciding,...hmm tough vote!

    Need to fill this up!
    Finally Finished

    Mostly traditional media.
    Fine Art

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