Hi all!

I just want to post some of my newest animations. They're very short testers/sketches and such, mainly because I wanted to work more on how things move and object weighting rather than how to make it all "pretty" I am trying to improve as much as I can before I go off to Uni this September to study animation (I'm worried I'll fall behind as it takes me a while to learn things).

I apologise in advance for the linkspam, I'm not sure how to embedd Flash files here, if it's even possible.

Okay, my first animation is flat-coloured (I made this because I wanted a new avvie with Ratchet in it... never used it though ):
My newest animations
I kept the drawings very basic, but tried to focus more on weighting and movement. I am using the Animators Survival Kit to help me along, it is fantastic!

My second animation is a keyframed jumping lion:
This animation, I focused more on the timing and spacing between frames. I still don't quite have the hang of it, but... I'm pleased with it nonetheless.

My third one is a sketchy lion walk:
Focusing on the clumsy awkwardness of the way a cub walks, I watched a video beforehand to see how they move.

Two animated sketchdumps:

And a lip sych+head movement practice that I did actually spend time prettying up afterwards in After Effects haha!

I still have a looong way to go, and loads to learn. But... I hope I'm okay so far!

I'll be glad to receive some feedback! What else can I practice before going to Uni next month? Or work on?