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    rico Guest

    Question WIP - Cubes composition

    Here is 3 different images with different compo.
    The goal is to make an image only with cubes, without any vertex transformation.
    Shaders and rendering are free.
    Please, help me finding which one is better and give me critics...

    Thanks a lot.

    Compo1,2 : scanline render
    Compo3 : GI render with Brazil
    Soft used : 3dsmax4.2

    WIP - Cubes composition

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    Sadclown Guest
    Well they're all good, but that last one is by far the most creative and eyecatching. That's a phenomenal piece of artwork considering it's composed of nothing but cubes with all but no textures. Definitely the best IMHO.

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    Left: A bit boring
    Middle: Reminds me of Rubik's Cube. The close cubes are not much related to the back ones, because the back ones are more in a pattern.. Maybe that's a thing to change, maybe not.. I like the colours..
    Right: As my predecessor, I like the concept of 'cubing' everything. I only think the perspective should be a little more 'upward', resulting in a view of something 'big'. Get it?

    I like the middle the best, with a minor modification..


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    rico Guest
    Thanks for your interest and advices.
    That really helps me to make my choice!
    That's it.....I finally like the third one more and more !

    Here are some modifications :
    I replaced the house by a statue of a human.
    I think this is more restrained and poetic.
    I add a sun and seats.
    I like it for the moment.
    I will try another angle of camera.
    (Dorfmeister, you mean : put the cam high, like the point of view of a giant ?)

    How do you feel it now ?

    Soft used : 3dsmax4.2
    Rendering : GI - Brazil
    Polygons : 50 000

    Sorry for my poor english, I'm french

    WIP - Cubes composition

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    rico Guest
    Here is an update of my work.
    I put the lighting from my first image.
    I'm not sure about the background (sky), I tryed to put a smaller sun and some birds.....or nothing but a bright sky.....I let you see.
    I prefer when I use a glow (specular bloom) on the image.

    WIP - Cubes composition

    Little precisions :
    I make this image for a contest on a russian website :
    I also do it because the theme is fun

    80% of work was hand placed.
    Only translation - rotation - uniform scale
    All objects are cubes (no rectangle)
    I used some tools from max :
    - "array" to make easy pattern of cubes
    - "spacing tools" with a circle spline for the circles of the fountain and also the sun
    - "scatter" for the bunch of cubes on the floor
    - "scatter" on a dummy-sphere to make the tree leaves
    - "Super Spray" (particle) for the fountain water
    - maxscripts from blur studio very usefull : "pivot placer", "renamer", "light control", "camera maker"
    The stem and trunk of the tree, seats, human statue, birds are hand placed.

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    rico Guest
    Here are 3 new renders :

    WIP - Cubes composition

    I like the brown look of the image.
    Cubes seem to be candy
    I think I'm gonna keep the last one (sun + birds).
    The sun ends the image and the birds give some movement to it.

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    Starknaaaked Guest
    I actually think i like the first one better...more mystery of wondering what that building is..and where it takes place...the second one has pretty common objects-park bench statue..etc..And i realize it is a park that many people come to hence all those benches and the fountain....although i do like the birds flying...I just think the first one leaves alot more mystery...more magical..although both are great....and i also like the first cube image you made with the light coming through......maybe reorganize the cubes in a different pattern to make it more interesting.........pretty cool overall

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