I don't know how many of you know about Wally Wood's 22 panels that work, but it's basically this reference sheet Wally Wood made for himself and his assistants to help them draw interesting comic panels. I usually draw stiff characters standing up straight and have a hard time coming up with interesting poses from my head. So I drew up a reference sheet of action poses I can refer to. Is this a common practice? The only downside is after a while some poses will be reused and poses have to be adjusted depending on the character, but I think this is better than drawing the same stiff poses over and over.

Also would artists make reference sheets for common objects like guns, trees or vehicles? I was thinking of making those too so I don't have to run to google whenever I want to draw an interesting gun and having a dozen flat reference sheets is easier to carry around than a bunch of thick reference books. Without reference most of my stuff is lame and generic, but even a single reference can inspire many variants.

What sort of reference sheets do you use if you use any?