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    Reaching India - Presentation

    I've been following some forum topics here and I was wondering if you guys can share some advice on my current project Reaching India .

    I'll start by introducing myself.
    I'm an in development, wanna be, Generalist Artist searching for a way in to a creative career in the games and movie industry. I'm completely aware that I still have a long way ahead of me with a lot to learn and to improve but dreams makes us going forward and that's what I'm doing. Creating a, work in progress, logbook and making it available for everyone to comment and critic is fundamental when the main objective is to learn and make myself a better, creative, Artist. I'll share as much of what I'll learn with whoever might find it useful. So instead of keeping for myself all the potential details and tricks that I may learn along the way, I'll make them available for everyone. I haven't really defined all the production schedule yet but I think one year from now I'll have it finished.

    I'm a passionate person fascinated with the Age of Discovery and I decided to focus my attention on the Portuguese Discoveries of that time, particularly in Gama´s route to India. I looked for a lot of inspiration in the epic poem Os Lusíadas from Luís Vaz de Camões, especially in the episode (Canto V) that Vasco da Gama faces the terrifying Adamastor (Greek-type mythological character, symbol of the forces of nature that the Portuguese navigators had to overcome during their discoveries). The sense of adventure and discovery, without fear, of this people against gods and mythical beings is all that this is about.

    This will be a long and difficult project since I'm only going to develop it after work and all by myself. It's a huge challenge for me but just a small walk in the part if I want to get in to the industry. I sure hope I could get your attention and artistic eye during it's development and above all your comments and critics.

    Reaching India Production logbook can be followed here.
    You can get additional information in the provided link like other drawings completed until now.

    Thank you and I hope you enjoy this project.
    At the moment this is where I'm standing.
    Thank you all for your time.

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    First off, welcome to cA!

    Now we get down to the nitty gritty...

    This seems like something that maybe placed better in the sketchbook section. The WIP/Crit section is for one piece, not a series of pieces. Maybe when you start doing environmental concepts with color ect. you can post here (final character concepts with color). For now, I'll help ya a bit and let ya know that the first guy's shoulders are a bit too broad and too high, instead of making him so boxy, relax his shoulders a bit. Also, his thighs are too long :/. I would begin looking into digital art if you can simply because concepts are much easier on the computer and you can pump out more quicker .

    Good luck!

    PS: Try doing some figure studies so anatomy errors don't happen so much .

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    Ahhh, a fellow historian! I love to see other people with at least some interest in it.

    I would suggest that you take a step back right now from the figures that you are doing, and start working on the fundamentals. Look around this forum, read the stickied posts, EVERYTHING you need is on here and I can assure you it is helping loads. As Nisshoku said, start a sketchbook here.

    As a beginner myself I do not understand the persistency on using tablets as soon as possible. I have one and I use it, but the fact that you can erase every single line and can copy and trace and cheat your way through to a point where your work will still lack fundamentals, but has a shiny gloss on top of it, doesn't help. One hour with my tablet and I am convinced I can draw horses jumping through fire. Paper and pencil has the harsh reality to it that if you haven't learnt how to draw yet, then you can't. Eraser yes, but not to an infinite degree.

    To prove my point about fundamentals, I would love to state quite enthusiastically at this point that after I have studied some arm muscles today, I can spot some anatomical errors in your drawings. But don't ask me to draw one. Neat talking, that is all that is.

    Your drawings at the moment are flat and stiff, but the guy's face on #2 gives some indication that you have not just started. I would love to see more of this project, and I hope that despite your long artistic way to go, you will stick to it. Good luck!

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