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    City Thingies

    Thanks guys! You've all been super helpful.

    I know it's too soon to do my own concept background things, but a friend of mine really wants me to be a background artist for his animations and so he's giving me a grace period for trial runs. Right now we're just seeing if we can match styles, but he gave the ok to upload so here are some of my first attempts for you guys to critique!

    What to do beyond horizons is always complicated for me to understand. But I think for my second attempt these turned out great considering. However, I know there are flaws. He doesn't care how accurate the perspective is really as long as its readable. But I'm a perfectionist sooooo...

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    I drew some perspective lines over your first sketch and I came up with three different horizon lines and a small problem with one of the fancy doors.

    If it's one point perspective, everything has to line up to the main vanishing point and I do mean everything. If you're rotating stuff into two point perspective, the horizon line still doesn't change but I don't think that's what you were going for. Keep in mind that door placement and fancy elements also need to be figured out in perspective for center lines, etc.

    I hope this helps!

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    I also picked out just one of the problems in your coloured version -- the left side of this building tells me there's a ledge built out and there's even a shadow underneath it - but the right side of the building tells me it's just something painted on. Which is it?

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    Hi there, thanks for the nice post.

    I think your problem right now is just inaccuracy or the lack of the understanding behind the perspective lines.

    Try to think of a scenery in another perspective, for example from the top. Like in the last street scene: If you would look at it from above and all buildings would be parallel to each other, then they would share the same VP. Same goes for the picture with the bedroom, the wall, the window and the furnitures share one point because one side is alway arranged in the same direction.

    It seems to me that you already have an idea of perspective, but lack the discipline to use it correctly. ( I lack patience as well^^)

    The first thing you need to know is where the HL is.

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