Hello everyone. My name's Jordan, just graduated from high school and - hopefully - going to start college this coming Fall. I'm deeply interested in becoming a concept artist. And have been interested in being an artist for a while. Though I kind of took it somewhat seriously in the past, with college looming I sort of feel like I haven't applied myself enough.

I've kind of been around this site for a few years and I've had this account for a few months, but haven't really summoned up much courage to sign up and actually start posting. I'm actually kind of a little intimidated to do so, either way I want to push those fears aside and take a chance to practice and try to improve. And advice (lol).

So far, my focus has been around a lot of Science Fiction, mainly Warhammer 40,000, and Fantasy themes. I hope to use this sketchbook to expand myself and work outside of my comfort zones.

Not really sure what else to say here, so here are some snippets from my sketch book that I used through most of my senior year.

Thanks for taking the time to look.