Hi!Centaur-Hiei here!I'm back to show you the new things I've drawn-up this week!
First we have YoBiki Mavesto!A character I haven't drawn since before the 6th grade!
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YoBiki is a space pirate that works along side her friend and advisor,Rouge-Lon and her boss,Kagoro Avado,the Oni Prince.YoBiki is originally an character,but I decided to sketch her in a realistic way.It came out quite well if I do say so myself~

Next,We have Miss Rena,my kitty character:
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Miss Rena may look like the center of a mans' attention,but she has a fierce temper,especially when she is touched in the wrong place[breasts,butt,etc.]

I guess I can show off some of my icons too^^
The first icon is a request for a friend on Furaffinity.net
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She was really happy when she saw it too!I'm so glad!!

Next is Choy Bokkie,a character icon I made
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Then there is Cha Ching,the Chinese hostess
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If anyone wants an icon,just give me a ref and be patient when I'm working on them,and your character must not be difficult to draw,or else I will turn you down.Do not come to my profile asking for one,I'll turn you down for that too.I will accept by note and I will only do it if I want to.
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