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    C.O.W. #222 ,the body part. VOTING!

    Round #222 - Voting!

    Topic: The Body Part

    Deadline for voting: 1 week

    Round Requirements (Read BEFORE Voting!):
    - it must be recognizable as to what body part it mutated from, but remember, NO TORSO'S!

    - you must mutate it to a point that it is recognizable as an independent creature, meaning that it is able to move, and eat, etc.
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    Artist: Adrian Nagorski

    Concept: Purple Syntax Oreospinaliphidous

    This very rare spinal creature is induced into existence by a certain chemical cocktail reaction caused by an on set of adrenaline,
    the virus bonds the spinal region upon entering the host organism, purple spores seep through tissue seamlessly.
    the Purple Syntax Oreospinaliphidous comes to life in under five minutes ripping its way out of the hosts body often with fatal results..

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    Artist: ColdDegree

    Concept: Corpse Lizard
    Only found inhabiting nearby corpse are the corpse lizard. Rumored to be made out of human remains.

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    Artist: Shadowind

    Parasite arachnid: Mutant arachnid like creature made of human corspe's nose, parts of brain and eyes

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    Artist: NailBIterMR

    Concept: Hand Hermit

    How the hand hermit came about is unknown. The hand hermit grows and lives in the veins of the wrist. Once it reaches a certain size, it uses its jagged mandibles to dismember its hosts hand. Before the hand has been detached , generally, the Hand Hermit will have taken control of the nerves and ligaments within the hand so it may use it to its own benefit once detached.

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    The Slungue

    Artist: Austin Smith

    Concept: The Slungue
    The slungue is just one of the creatures created from the new strange virus hitting America. It is comprised of teeth, tongue, uvula, and teeth roots. It is best to avoid bathrooms and other places with dirty floors because these creatures love to live where they'll experience the most pungent tastes. Be careful to never let it lick you. Its saliva will burn away flesh and bone so that the slungue can absorb your nutrients. To incapacitate the creature just hit the uvula at the end of its tail. It will cause the slunge to convulse and release all of the matter its licked up.

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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Specimen Unknown

    These creatures are a results of several viral infections. Once the hand and eye break off of their human host, they merge together to form this grotesque creature. What makes them worse is how they quickly replicate. They are able to replicate through budding. Once an eye is large enough it then falls off to grow into a new individual. They use their shapr nails to grasp their victims as they impale them with their proboscus to injest internal fluids for norishment. If they are not dealt with initially they will wipe out a large city within a week.
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    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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    [*B]Artist: [*COLOR=White] David79 [/COLOR]

    Concept: [*COLOR=White] Vaginum eatum [/COLOR]
    In the year 2534 the scientist try to stop the humans reproduction , with a powerfull contraceptive... the vaccine worked better than expected and almost every human whas stoping to reproduce.
    The side effect and the bad one whas that the femal gender mutated into a killing machine, named Vaginum eatum, big apetite for human flesh specialy male ...

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    Artist: GoldenSerpent

    Concept: Walking Limb Disease
    This horrifying condition was first documented when a former astronaut, misdiagnosed with restless leg syndrome, woke to find his arm detached and crawling around the room. Walking Limb Disease is believed to have come from alien pathogens picked up somewhere on the astronaut's travels but its exact place of origin has yet to be discovered. Once infected the symptoms are quite similar to restless leg syndrome until of course your afflicted limb detaches. The creature must gestate for several months before it is capable of detaching and surviving on its own, once it detaches it will continue to mutate to better suit its survival. Walking limb disease can affect both arms and legs, but thankfully there have only been a handful of far.

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    Artist: J-Sun

    Concept: Fingerling
    It was one thing when people in the advanced stages of the the XTR Virus started loosing fingers and toes… but when their dismembered digits developed into independent organisms, widespread panic ensued. Before long there were hundreds, then thousands, of these ambulatory "fingerlings". Despite their grotesque origins the "fingerlings" proved to be rather endearing creatures demonstrating affection and compassion for each other, with more developed fingerlings often assuming a parental role for newly spawned kin.

    C.O.W. #222 ,the body part. VOTING!
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    Artist: Artiphats

    Concept: Eyetackus Ballus

    The Eyetackus Ballus is a member of the mutated species of human body parts that resulted from top secret biological experiments in Area 73. In an effort to create a new super-soldier, the government conducted tests on dead bodies, and sometimes live ones, brought back from the 3rd World War. The tests saw many more "failures", than successes.

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    Artist: Sealegs

    Concept: Skull-Crabby
    In this post apocalyptic-world the skull-crabs have mutated out of human remains...because of radiation. They can be quite nasty pests, but a few children have managed to tame them as pets cause cats and dogs are extremely rare...
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    Poll is up!

    Close to Rejection:
    Austin Smith: Reason - Dial down your image size. It should be no wider than 1000-1100 pixels wide and 800-900 high.

    My vote went to GoldenSerpent. It simultaneously really grossed me out and incorporated (and perverted) the human elements to an admirable degree.
    Check out creature designs and make some of your own:
    Creature of the Week; Creature Spot

    View Simon Sweetman's art etc. at:
    ArtStation; Twitter: @SiSweetman; Twitch Channel

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    I know I didn't make it on time but wanted to show off my piece anyway. This is tough but my vote goes to GoldenSerpent for his supreme rendering skils.

    Artist: Ryan Sumo

    Concept: Squidlegs

    Squidlegs are a delicacy in the Free city of Etruria. Most other cities cannot stand it though, for it has the peculiar smell of sweaty gym socks.

    C.O.W. #222 ,the body part. VOTING!

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    Ahhh dammit! Thought I had a couple more hours I feel your pain Ryansumo...
    Heres what I got anyway...

    Artist: Taiski
    Concept: Brain dude

    Other than the initial virus that turns people into these monstrosities spreads further through bodily fluid transfer. These things bit ya know!

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    RIGHT! I'm going to go cry myself to sleep then.
    Edit: Come to think about it, this is the voting thread, I probably shouldn't have put this here... Sorry in advance if that's the case!

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