Hello, my name is Roberto A. Gonzalez and I'm here looking for some freelance work. I'm available for any type of work that will assist you in any way possible. My rates are very affordable and I'm very negotiable. I'm very professional, a team player, self-motivated and most of all I have very good time management. I've been doing freelance for about 6 years and have worked in-house before only twice. Once for Ritual Entertainment and Riva Digital in Dubai where I had to be relocated. Feel free to look at my portfolio at www.couplandrob.daportfolio.com. I'm taking online classes at Full Sail University and I think I graduate in October, not too sure about that. I'm taking my BA in Game Art and have a Associates of Applied Arts from the Art Institute of Dallas. I've taken Art Animation and Design from that school.

The best way to contact me is through my email at zao75231@yahoo.com, I check my email frequently. Thanks for checking out my art work at my website and have a great day.