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    Asus Eee Slate EP121

    Hi Guys

    I am thinking about iinvesting in a Asus Eee Slate EP121.
    I need something portable.
    Sometimes I do storyboard assignments for commercial agencies, and they tend to call me on Friday evening, with a deadline for Monday morning. They pay too well to say no to, but it does complicate things if I have plans to go somewhere.

    But I need to know if the Asus is powerfull enough to do finnished stuff. I am not talking about high end game concepts. Mostly commercial stoyrboards and stuff of that nature/quality.

    Does anyone here have som experience with that? What is the response time with the digitizer? Does it work well with photoshop CS5? Any other pros and cons?
    Or would I just be better off with a nice labtop and a wacom?


    Andreas von Cotta
    Freelance Concept Artist/Illustrator

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    I would recommend you contact tehmeh. I know he's got one and has already put it to good use. Sorry, I don't have a link handy to his sketchbook right now, but I recall it's titled "Unconceptful".

    - Chaz

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    Eee Slate performs!

    I'm a storyboard /concept artist, and use a Cintiq and CS5. I recently bought the Eee Slate and it's everything I hoped for.
    Pressure sensitivity is great, screen is beautiful, battery life is just over 3 hrs(honestly I've been a pro for years and I can't think of one instance where I've had to sketch or create for more than 3 hrs without access to an outlet), and the price is killer!
    I HIGHLY recommend buying the Axiotron Studio pen, it's a Cintiq stylus that works beautifully with the Eee Slate.

    Not sure what the expectation is out there but I've used Cintiqs exclusively since they released the 15" and having used the Eee Slate remotely for three weeks now, I can say it ROCKS!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Adobewan View Post
    battery life is just over 3 hrs(honestly I've been a pro for years and I can't think of one instance where I've had to sketch or create for more than 3 hrs without access to an outlet),

    How the hell did you get 3 hours of it?

    I have one and with Full Screen Brightness on (kind of necessary for color work/painting) running Photoshop CS5...I get just under 1& 1/2 hours.....And the Wireless and audio are also disabled.

    I even tried lowering the screen brightness a bit and using the less processor intensive Paint Tool Sai and still couldn't hit 2 hours.

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    Asus ep 121 Tablet PC short review

    this is a short review while i navigate through sketchbook, zbrush, photoshop and tvpaint.

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