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    Nov 2009
    Melbourne, Australia
    Your getting better dude! for example this one is a step up! good work mate.

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    Jul 2009
    Last one shows major improvement man. Good job.


    "You might be disappointed if you fail, but you will be doomed if you don't try"
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    Hey Thought I'd drop by here. Had a good look through your thread...Everything is getting better so just keep at it. Your last study is good. Like others say, maybe move to a traditional medium like pencil and do some studies there. Paint more from life. You are getting better.

    Really dig the last study. Looking hot! More....

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    Thanks everybodyI appreciate all your comments.
    Had to do some overtime so not as much drawn last nite and this morning.
    the top two robots i think are from last week, everything from imagination no refs. bedtime . . . .

    Name:  pencillsandpens.jpg
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    Last edited by AdrianNagorski; December 3rd, 2011 at 05:41 PM. Reason: spelling :-(
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    Man, do not let those nigh shifts to break
    your spirit, cause you are a real warrior.
    You never let your dreams die!

    [last update; 21st June 2014]
    ...looking for a freelance work...
    In search for a Freelance work
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    No pc for the next two days, landlord's got a carpet company coming to change
    aaaaaa . .. the carpet, which sucks i thought I'd have a productive week

    Name:  ladystudy.jpg
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    nice work lol I really like her feet but her butt isnt in line with her spine but apart from that keep up the hard work!!!

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    More work place sketches, train sketches, studies + imagination + sleeping girlfriend LOL
    Also the first image is my idea for this weeks COW activity.
    all in pencil

    Name:  cowideacrusher.jpg
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    Name:  moremoarsketches.jpg
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    hey! thanks for dropping by and giving encouragement! Its always welcomed and needed

    You're going well, theres obvious improvement from page 1 through to 7; which is what is important. No one wants to stay stuck. So know that you are *going* somewhere. How fast ofc depends entirely on each person and the work they put in. You're moving forward and thats always important to keep in mind.

    I do have a few suggestions though, as you noted in my own SB, I should really start working on skeleton structures and muscles more. My advice to you is the exact opposite, you should really really start doing gestures- and I don't mean the 60 second gestures.

    I have a warm up routine which has generally helped me alot. Even if you don't do anything else in the rest of the day- the warm up will help you get better.
    This might seem like a bit much but try starting your day out with this:

    (each time you see a * it means to use reference and if you dont see it it means from imagination)

    10x 15 secs*
    10x 30 secs*
    20x 60 secs*
    20x 60 secs
    10x colour/value gestures - 120 secs*

    This warm up should take about an hour or a bit more. After this you can get into a proper extended studies, or keep on doing more elaborate 5min studies. It won't feel like you're getting anywhere at the start, but consistency with the warm up is key.

    Anyways, good luck, and keep at it!

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    Those profile creature heads in #189 looks cool... You should improve your human heads too, well, you obviously makes effort into that direction. Sometimes I have a feeling you focus on the face but the other parts of the head gets less care than they should. Keep the shape of the skull in mind, give your heads a big enough and nicely shaped cranium Some proper hair would be nice too but I'm so totally not the one who should talk about it...

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    there's some definite improvement within these seven pages, but I think you need to take a strong focus in your structure and anatomy - if you could find a book to do some studies, it could be a lot of help. for example, you seem to structure torsos as a triangle that starts at the shoulders and ends at the crotch area, when it would be more appropriate to structure it as a barrel that covers the approximate same area than the ribcage.
    another thing is the way you keep scratching the lines. i see that you're gradually moving away from that, but i'd say it's important to start pushing for doing each line with a single stroke, even for sketches. it doesn't matter if it's not perfectly accurate - in fact, i'd suggest a good transition (at least when working on digital media) would be to replace the scratchy lines with a single but much broader brushstroke - and, as you advance in the drawing, you start piling layers of linework made with smaller and smaller brush sizes each time.

    one more thing i could add is about digital coloring: I have noticed that the blur, dodge and burn tools in photoshop are all rather unnecessary and tend to make the whole thing look worse - I would suggest avoiding them in favor of the smudge tool - in fact you could go the extra mile and try to work a few pieces without using brushes in different opacity - just solid colors.

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    Thank you everybody all your comments have been extremely helpful!!!

    So i did some gesture studies using my new Staedtler Mars Technico pencil.$20AUD + $20 for HB lead. Well worth it.

    Busy week again this week gotta find a place to stay, moving in with the

    Name:  gesturestudies.jpg
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    Tampere, Finland
    Nice stuff man, lots of drawings and that's awesome. My advice for you would be to do more studies of anatomy from reference, also color and value studies can never harm you.

    Keep it up!

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    My final for this weeks EOW, my beast machine crashed,
    so i had to take it into get fixed, so this was done on my antique.
    I;m proud of it, totally from my imagination.

    Name:  nazgulnestfinal.jpg
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    Try to work on each piece much harder and deeper. More patience. You r on the right way.

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    My very first COW was a sea creature, so i thought i have to do this one as almost a tradition/anniversary thing.
    So basic wip before i go do my nite shift job, its a shrimp x turtle x jellyfish x ZERG lol

    Name:  cow241.jpg
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    So last nite at work i did a little bit of a study off my imagined critter,
    still haven't used refs, but i will on most sections, just searching out values
    and feeling out the design a bit more, will actually start painting tomorrow after
    work lol

    Name:  seasharkstuds.jpg
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    hey thx for commenting on my sketchbook =) so i looked through your entire sketchbook and I really do see lot of improvement. i also like between if you have work or school you still spend as much time as you can on art and improvement which means you have real dedication. keep it up =)

    "Art is never finished, only abandoned." Leonardo Da Vinci

    My Sketchbook:

    art website:
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    Belgrade, Serbia
    hey man, thanks for dropping by to my sb.
    I definitely see some progress here, especially with those morning warm ups.
    You should push dwrawings, and in no time you will get good results.


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    My cow final, wish i had more time and knowledge but i like how it came out any way. later today will post some studies and spartan camp fun!
    Name:  COW_241_cyclopticsharkfinal.jpg
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