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    Draw something about yourself

    So I was watching this movie a while ago, and it got me into thinking about how people communicate with each other and such. About how people always somehow inject a bit of themselves into every conversation regardless of who or what is being talked about, which, depending on who's talking can either make things interesting or dull. And then I remembered this thread a while back about this guy hoping to meet someone here on CA for maybe something a bit more than friendship,and there was this long dicussion about whether or not it was a good idea to just present yourself out there rather than to wait for others to ask about you etc. etc...

    Aaanyway, what I'm trying to get at, is that, since we're an art community, wouldn't it be fun (or interesting at least) to, instead of "talking" about ourselves/opinons, draw them instead? Sometimes it takes a while to read something and fully digest what it is, but with pictures, it take a few seconds at most to get the point across.

    What do you guys think? Anyone up for a draw something about yourself thread? Some text may be unavoidable I guess, but I think it would be more interesting if it would be used sparingly, or only within the pictures as short descriptions when necessary.

    Let's see if this works. Anybody want to start?

    erm... feel free to ignore this if this sort of thing has been done here before, and maybe direct me to such thread

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    Ill try to help better start this off then. Sooo... About 10 months ago I was in a relationship that had just hit the 4 year mark. I was very happy and nothing in the world seemed amiss. The girl was beautiful, funny, smart.. etc and we both complemented each other very nicely. We had started going out together in high school and were never apart, we were that couple. The couple that when you saw one you immediately thought of the couple and not the individual, voted cutest couple etc etc blah blah blah... The second year of college rolls around, she goes off to school again for engineering, Myself staying home having just transferred to a new college. The college she attends not being too far away but just enough that I only would be able to go see her maybe 3 times every 2 months.. She leaves, and every thing between us seems strong and not even the slightest hint the something was wrong.

    After being away for a week I wake up one morning and see that she is online and she asks if we can talk, not in any manner that even suggest whats about to happen, I say, "Ok, sure" and she responds that, "It's Over" and that was pretty much the last time I heard from her.

    I don't want to be overly dramatic but I will say its the most scarring thing that's happened to me, and it took me a very long time to recover from the situation. I didn't draw or paint or really do anything for around 4 months.
    It was a pretty drastic condition that i let myself get into because of everything. And the life lesson that really hurt the most to learn was seeing how someone you love could transform into this object that can hurt you the most and become this thing that you would never in your wildest dreams believe they could be.

    So I warn you, People you love have the easiest chance to be the thing that hurts you the most. After about 3 months this was some little small thing I drew in my sketchbook, while mulling some things over... In my mind I kept coming back to the gravity of the situation and difference between joy and sorrow. The situation seemed to have this overwhelming weight day after day like an endless water fall.
    To represent this I began with this one blue line that started to branch and grow, all the forms that develop, while fleetingly flow upwards, eventually spill-out in a downward path. I also was thinking of a sort of visual abstraction of the actions of wounds, the idea is not played up so much in this piece but it was in the back of my mind and better expressed in other ways. The idea was that along a visual space associated with bliss, there would be ugly visual scars in the landscape, But with time the landscape weaves its self back together to form a more beautiful whole.

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    Very interesting piece and story. So sorry to hear about that, I think it's terrible to break up with someone over the internet.

    Um. Something quick and simple for now.

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    I wonder if theres more to Elwell then

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    My stream of consciousness drawings may or may not say a lot about me.

    Draw something about yourself

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    Admittedly I do think about thinking and hating too, but otherwise pretty much accurate.
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    Before my mom passed away she gave me a bunch of stuff she had saved since I was born. This is the painting I did of my baby booties and my current pair of boots. Painted from life alla prima with a limited palette of alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, camium yellow, and white.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpaint View Post
    Before my mom passed away she gave me a bunch of stuff she had saved since I was born. This is the painting I did of my baby booties and my current pair of boots. Painted from life alla prima with a limited palette of alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, camium yellow, and white.
    sorry that your mom passed away but thats actually a cool story behind that picture
    ~*the artistic journey is like giving birth, its gonna hurt and you know you suck but you cant give up because there is no such thing as "giving up" in childbirth*~

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    I once drew this as a self portrait, so maybe that says something about me. (That I clearly don't know anything about composition because there should obviously be more space past the chin. )

    Draw something about yourself

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