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Thread: The Kingdom

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    The Kingdom

    This is a concept for what would be the entrance to a dungeon for a fantasy game of some type. I imagine that it is the home to Death itself. I plan on turning this into a suite of concept art by designing the hero in the foreground, some props for the interior of the dungeon, and possibly the boss. I am looking for any comments or critiques to push this work in progress further.

    Name:  AngelofDeathfortress_finallayout.jpg
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    Name:  AngelofDeathfortress_finallayout2.jpg
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    Howdy. You have some nice things going on here. I really like the overall design. I can see you put some thought into it.

    Your perspective is really confusing. Is your horizon line meant to be even with the balconies? And that central walkway recedes there? If your HL was that high, then I think your figure would be leaning forward like 45 degrees. recheck everything with your HL. Recheck that all ellipses make sense. Ellipses like the one your figure is standing on, and the central round platform, and the ellipse of the entire structure meeting the ground plane.

    If you don't know how to do that, you can look up basic one point perspective.

    Personally, I think the lighting is too much. But I have seen lighting like this used in dungeons and dragons art. It also reminds me of 80s metal art lol.

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    I agree with Artfx. It's looking good and i like that you've done profile studies prior to familarize yourself with the structure. the perspective is off as Artfx pointed out and I feel there's too much lighting on the stalactites above the statue figures, it's not really clear where all that white light is coming from, as the light is a different color than the light from the globes and brighter. A more understated lim light from the moon on the right edge and less on the rocky parts would really help to create a more ominous mood emphasized by the light from the lava and from within the cavern I think the Globes would be more effective with a gloomier dimmer intensity, oh and use your circlular selection to get their geometry more perfect, look a bit like balloons with the less spherical shape that's going on as well as more structural regularity on the lattice work of them so that each globe looks more like the others.

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    I agree with the previous comments concerning the perspective issues. I'm a fan of the overall design, could see a set like this being used in a game.
    I have an account over on DeviantArt where I do paintovers (here) and I'd be interested in doing one of this to illustrate some ideas on pushing the lighting to create a fantastic mood. If you'd be up for that let me know, I could post the result here as well.

    My Blog - SwatchSpot
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