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    C.O.W. #221 ,Eyeless, Iridescent Phasewalker. VOTING!

    Round #221 - Voting!

    Topic: Eyeless Iridescent Phasewalker

    Deadline for voting: 1 week

    Round Requirements:
    - The creature must 'Phase-walk' in some way be that a method of travel or the ability to become temporarily intangible
    - The creature must be more than 50% iridescent
    - The creature must NOT have any eyes or vision-based sensory organs
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Artist: (lark

    Concept: temporal striders
    the temporal strider evolved into being in the last era of planet earth, amidst nearly unlivable conditions for all life. strangely they will also be the luckiest, because they evolved the ability to phase through time. thus continuing their survival in the more habitable past.

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    Artist: maeganite

    Concept: Rhessla Fly
    Although beautiful in color, these creatures from the netherworld feed on the life force of planets. The globes on their head resound in musical tones when they start the absorption process, fooling the unsuspecting natives of the planet with their seemingly harmless appearance.

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    Artist: Dragonfrog

    Concept: "Muchos Colorees de la Luz"

    This creature has been seen once by a farmer in Mexico. The farmer neared a waterlogged mine shaft while tending to his crops, and saw a flicker of purple light come from the gaping hole.
    There, he saw the most alien, but beautiful animal he had ever witnessed. Light from the sun outside of the cave bounced off of it's teal skin, gleaming in a rainbow. It's needle-like feet barely touched the surface of the water. It emanated a purple light from the tips of it's feet and back of it's eyeless head. The minute he touched the mine's entrance, the purple fire engulfed it's body and it disappeared. He told the press about it, calling it the "Muchos colores de la luz", or the "Many colors of light".

    No bigger than a human toddler, "Luz"'s species is a frail, defenseless species not of Earth. As a matter of fact, a species from nowhere. Or maybe everywhere.
    They are born knowing what to do when danger approaches, then abandoned.
    These creatures feed off of energy, which they usually do by absorbing sunlight through it's skin. The energy is converted to their own.
    When faced in serious danger, or their environment does not meet it's requirements, it teleports. Nobody knows where, but where they do teleport they can access any place in the universe. In the "nowhere zone", they thrive; It's where they breed. Once business is finished, they go off in to the universe again.
    Where they go, nobody knows.

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    Artist: ColdDegree

    Concept: Denkoura
    Legend has it that the lightning from the skies came from creatures known as Denkouras. Denkouras are bug-like creatures made of panel like scales coiled around lightning. Though Denkouras don't have eyes they fare well in knowing their surroundings; lightning finds its way out through holes located throughout its body, Denkouras are able to analyze air currents by the movements of the lightning bolts. The lightning from these species is said to have enough energy to power cities for centuries, however this myth has yet to be proven because no one has captured a Denkoura in order to harness the energy. Many have came close however state that the Denkouras appear to seperate into bits of dust releasing the lightning stored up and disappearing in the skies.
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    Artist: Adrian Nagorski

    Concept: The Eye-less Dragonfly Phaser

    This inter-dimensional creature uses its nostrils to navigate, sometimes out of pure starvation it wonders into phases into our dimension hunting unlucky wondering flies, The Eye-less Dragonfly Phaser travels at a extremely high speed, its phasing abilities can be directly related to the vibrations caused to its abdomen, thought it seems that it is traveling through a black hole its actually the reverse of that, it literally tears its was through space and time thus phase walking.
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    [*B]Artist: [*COLOR=White] Fuhrenator [/COLOR]

    Concept: [*COLOR=White] Dimensional Scavenger [/COLOR]
    [/B]Though quick and agile, this creature is more of a scavenger in its own dimension. Its main food source are small particles, though with it's tiny claws it has the ability to hunt its prey during times of need. The orb on its head houses the sensory organs necessary for functioning in its dimension, allowing it to perceive its surroundings. Its thin clear skin, which houses the blue strands of tissue allowing it to move, is protected by its thick iridescent shell. Though hard and light, its is mildly flexible, important for allowing its to fragile muscle tissue to move and pull its skin. Though rarely leaving its own dimension, it has the ability to create and puncture glass like windows into our reality. Scientists have been trying to learn more about this creature, but have had a hard time finding something delicious enough to lure it out of its own bountiful dimension.

    I was going for a cross between a crab and a jellyfish... kinda of different from what im use to, but im glad i got to participate in my first COW!
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    Artist: v-lkry

    Concept: "Petruchnkyea's Horse"

    The first sighting of the horse species was by Col. Petruchnkyea in the year MXIIA, visiting the forests surrounding Lake Durkgy. He called it a ghost horse and a god's charioteer. The horse at times, could look like a regular horse with hooves, or serpentine, or even fish-like with fins. Since then, the Horse's existence has been elevated to a divine and spiritual level, becoming legend and folklore to the outside world, and becoming more fictional then fact.

    Centuries later, scientists researching the biome of Lake Durkgy, discovered a natural occurring phenomenon where in certain areas of the surrounding forests, water molecules would instantly form, suspend in air, and form a thick fog that is different then the mist in other areas of the forest. Once the fog was thick enough, the scientists saw galloping horses form from the fog in the area.

    Two captured specimens were brought back a few years later in the newly designed 'bubble' cages (which were used to maintain plants) by imitating the area's ecological and chemical composition within the cages to keep the horses in their physical and intangible states.

    Named after the first discoverer of the horse, Col. Petruchnkyea, Petruchkyea's Horses have become the hot topic for the invention of teleportation. The Horses' ability to break body chemical components into basic molecules, and further into particles to travel, is being used to advance new particle-based transportation machines.
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    Artist: Artiphats

    Concept: Gallaeus Transflectus / Shifting Hypra

    This species of Hypra is usually found in the desert, when it is found at all. The phase takes place in just about a second and a half, and the effect that is seen as the "space fold" quickly disappears. No one knows exactly where the creature shifts to (or from), but scientists have been tracking their movements and studying their behaviors in order to get a better understanding of their abilities.
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    Artist: xinranliu

    Concept: Leaping Phasechaser
    The Leaping Phasechaser is a small insect-like creature that makes use of its internal fusion organs to create great bursts of energy, allowing it to travel through time and space.

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    Artist: scorge

    Concept: Sholiptus Phase Jumper
    With a shimmer and a sudden shockwave, a Sholiptus comes into this reality disturbing a pair of mating Red Krewts. Its iridescent oily skin glimmers in the afternoon sun in stark contrast with its exposed bonelike "face". While little is known about this creature with the ability to walk between worlds, it is believed that its lack of eyes have been replaced by a much stronger sense of being and time displacement that surpass the light sensitive organs we as humans rely on so much to make our way through the world. The Sholitpus is not a dangerous creature despite its fearsome appearance, its body shape and super sensitive mouth parts are what allow this strange beast to travel between the realities unharmed.
    Check it out
    Blog, we've all got em:
    Creatures Galore!
    Full gallery o'

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    Dimension Jumper

    Dimension Jumper is a small mysterious creature. He usually feeds by sucking up different kinds of juice, from various plants, and fruits. Many people saw him jumping from one food source to another, but no one was ever able to catch him. That's because of hes uncanny ability to make open up something similar to the portal above hes body, and by jumping into it disappear from our dimension. No one know, where Dimension Jumper is getting after each jump or whats the secret of hes special diet that makes him so much fuel for all hes daily jumps.

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    [*B]Artist: [*COLOR=White]David79[/COLOR]

    Concept: [*COLOR=White]Shadow killer[/COLOR]
    [/B]The Shadow Killer, lives on caves lurking they favorite pray little mamals, do the habit e grows without eyes but with evolved sensors bug like and some termal sensors. To catch preys or to avoid enemys he phase jump, the only disvantage using phase jump is the amount of energy he spend!

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    Artist: Sealegs
    Concept: Squiddy
    This phasewalker was recently discovered by time travelers who found these creatures could follow their ships through time and space... As far as we know they are completely harmless, though they always seem to emit a strong low pitched hum...
    C.O.W. #221 ,Eyeless, Iridescent Phasewalker. VOTING!

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    Artist: Arbinn

    Concept: Harlequin Sucker

    Harlequin suckers are small wingless insects. Their only purpose appears to be to drive people mad. Harlequin suckers have the ability to phase walk, which in this case means such a quick travel that it could almost be considered teleporting. They feed on mammal blood and use it to fuel their phase walking. This type of action is extremely energy consuming and takes heavy tolls. As such, the creature can't phase walk long distances without running out of fuel. Practically this means that once a harlequin sucker finds a suitable prey, it will live on it for a long, long time. The insect phase walks out of harms way every time the host attempts to get rid of it only to soon feed on a different part of the host. This creates a cycle which ends once the host gets numb to the continuous stings and lets the harlequin sucker eventually die of old age.

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