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    Critiques Needed

    So I posted some of my graphic art on here about six months ago and I知 back with some more.

    I致e been study drawing more this year and bridgemen more than graphic design. But I might want to add text into some of my horror art and I知 also good at writing poems so I might want to do some graphic design combined with my drawings when I知 more professional.

    So what I知 looking for is some information on how to learn what text goes good with what. How to learn typography maybe even possibly to the point where some day I can create my own fonts, and overall have better understanding of what makes up a good design.

    I致e been studying some horror graphic novels, and looking at movie covers to see how they use typography in unique ways.

    Maybe there are some books that can be recommended to me?

    Below are just some of my new pen tool illustrations and photo manipulations all done on Photoshop:

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    To be perfectly honest, your designs are flawed on a very basic level, and having read your post, You can improve a bit from seeking help on your designs in online communties but i suggest, if you are looking to incorporate type and typography into other artforms on a professional level, you will need to take classes in at least the basic theory behind design and learn to apply it.
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    Hey thanks for your help, I was expecting that my designs wouldn't be that good compared to the stuff on this site. I guess its going to be a long road.

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    I believe what millz meant to say was:

    "Your designs reveal that you might not have a solid foundation or understanding in the fundamentals of design. Most of your pieces exhibit poor composition, mostly a lack of a solid focal point and issues with balance. However your use of color/contrast, while it could use some work, is pretty consistent. You also clearly display an understanding of what you need work on which is a great step in the right direction. It shows that you can see what is wrong even if you currently do not understand why.

    I would certainly recommend finding a book on the elements and principles of design. Understanding the fundamentals will help you understand the "why" when something looks wrong and they will help you correct it. It will help you understand when to use which font for best effect. Learning typography is a fantastic way to become more familiar with design. It is a beautiful subject that can get very, very in-depth. It teaches you spacial relationships, it teaches you about shapes, negative and positive space, balance, symmetry and asymmetry, harmony and is a valuable skill to have in your design toolbox.

    I cannot think of any books off of the top of my head that I can recommend but there are plenty out there. I would suggest searching online for books on the Principles of Design. Keep at it and if you would like more specific examples of where your pieces could be improved feel free to post back and ask about a specific work, we will be glad to offer some constructive criticisms"

    But I think it was just his keyboard is just acting up

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