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    TLC's "Tattoo School"

    I don't really know how many people in this community have or like tattoos but a lot of my friends who are tattoo artist have been talking about this a lot lately. Basically, it's about an unconventional tattoo school where students learn how to tattoo in just two weeks.

    What does everyone think about this whole thing? It seems like there is a lot of petitioning going on to try to stop TLC for airing the show but I really don't know how effective those sorts of things are.

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    Unless these students already can draw it's not gonna happen. Especially if you're doing something permanent to someone's body.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stabby2486 View Post
    Unless these students already can draw it's not gonna happen. Especially if you're doing something permanent to someone's body.
    Even if those students can draw, it shouldn't happen. Tattooing isn't just drawing on the body and, like you said, it's permanent. I would definitely consider myself an amateur at something after only practicing it for 2 weeks. There are enough amateur and bad tattoo artists in the world already.

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    What a load of crap. (The idea of a 2 week tattoo course, not your thread jhowell)

    Speaking as someone with several tattoos, I would not let some 2 week tattoo school graduate near me with a magic marker, let alone actual inks.

    A lot of people take the artist as serious as the choice of tattoo. Of course, you get your "hi can I have a 3cm dolphin/butterfly/gecko on my shoulder" summertime customers who don't know/care who inks them and that's their choice. But the best and respected artists have really fought long and hard to earn a customer base with a reputation thats spread mainly by word of mouth.

    These are the guys who pick apprentices from a lot of hopefuls and these apprentices have to really stick it out before they get their break. No 2 week course should make any difference to a future in tattooing.

    That being said though, anyone can tattoo, I guess, but it does not mean they should. Just like in our business it comes down to discipline and dedication and the customers choice. I just hope the course covers -all- the hygiene and legal stuff that comes with it. Otherwise you will find yourself in serious trouble very quickly should something go awry.

    I'd love to see that show though! Heh
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    What a horrible idea. And you know, because it's a TLC reality show, they'll want to amp up the drama with lots of "oh no, somebody screwed up" theatrics.

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    Ugh. This is a horrible idea. Im not a tattooist but one who has alot and i wouldnt even consider going anywhere near these kind of places.

    Also *some* tattooist's cant draw. They use stencils bought from (tattoo) flash manufacturers. Then they trace and voila, one crap tattoo.

    Also, I have tattooed myself and its alot harder than it looks even if you can draw (which I aint the best at) the gun is heavy, and its vibrating alot. Your thumb and fingers go numb and you also can't see the lines due to ink and blood and the fact its needles vibrating extremely fast. If someone can can learn to tattoo in two weeks then Ill eat my own hat.

    So yeah, horrible idea.

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    This sounds awful. I always thought it would take years to learn to do it properly. This is like the Art Institute (The one on TV) of tattooing. I would never trust someone who only had 2 weeks experience get near me with any needles.

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