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    Critiques needed

    Well..I'm pretty new to digital art, definitely very different from the traditional one so sometimes I get some problems . Here are 2 of my artworks, I mostly draw portraits. Thanks for you critiques!

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    I think you could push the values in the first piece some more. I think it would help to bring out the forms. The area around her eyes looks particularly flat. The hair could use some work as well. It looks less finished than the face. Focus on your light source and make sure it's consistent with the light source on the face. Also, some studies of the muscles in the neck would benefit you.

    I feel the second one is better than the first. The hair could use some work. I don't feel that showing so many individual strands of hair is benefiting. Hair has form, just like anything else. It should react to the same light source as everything else. The ear could use some referencing and refinement. The clothing doesn't conform to the girls form or the same light source at all. It just looks like a blob of black and white. Right now, everything excluding the face is lacking accurate shading.
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    Laura, you certainty seem to have a set of skills not many have when starting to get serious about drawing, congrats. That being said however you need to begin studying the human form more for there is an evident lack of knowledge in that arena.

    For the first drawing, her eyes are too far apart, they look rather buggy. The skin tones need to be pushed more as others have said, and less ambiguity needs to be given to her body.

    For the second work you need to generally understand what you're doing more. The face looks acceptable but the rest is lacking. The reason so much detail isn't put into hair is because in general. one doesn't view all that detail in real life, one views general structures of the hair accompanied with it's color. If the hair is the main object of the artwork, only then will you add detail to it.

    Start doing some color paintings of people and try to match thm as closely as possibly. Draw the hair, clothing, background, everything.

    Good luck, it's a difficult path to traverse to perfection.
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    The first and second have the same problem, they're both flat.

    There's no form or volume to give them the sense of mass, nor any under construction. The second doesn't have a skeleton underneath the skin, which makes her lack any visible shoulder.

    What was your reference used, and can we see the pre-sketches & thumbnails you used to work out the possible issues that could occur during your paints.
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    Thank you so much for your critiques! They are really helpful! I'm looking forward to studying the human body anatomy and also to illustrating textiles.
    Here are my references and my linearts:

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    The faces really just need practice and the understanding of the underlying skull structure. My main question is why you completely ignored your own guidelines on the second girls shirt? In your line art it is clear that the folds originate at the shoulder but in the painted version it becomes an amorphous mass.

    A tip that might help you is to constantly flip both your artwork and your reference. This will help tremendously

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