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    C.O.W. #220 ,Furious Tiny Terror. Voting!

    C.O.W. #220 Furious Tiny Terror_Voting!



    Topic: Furious Tiny Terror

    Deadline for the voting: July 20th
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    Furious, Tiny, Terror

    Artist: Lege1

    Concept: Pequeno Diablo a.k.a. Little Devil

    Years ago there was a creature that looked very ferocious but was harmless that lived in the rain forests of South America. The creature used to feed off of the Umguaya berry that was rare but abundant in certain parts of the South American region. Mankind eventually destroyed all these areas in which the Umguaya berry grew and the creatures that fed on them were bound to go extinct. A miraculous adaption occurred in these creatures that was for the better of their survival, but not the rest of the animal kingdom and mankind.

    Villagers from the forest land in South America started reporting people missing from their tribes and found them days later shredded to pieces with wounds that secreted a greenish type of slime. It was later found that this green slime was indeed a highly potent venom that was found on the tongues of the creatures that once fed off the Umguaya berry. South American Scientists went on to conduct research and discovered that the once harmless berry eating creatures had now turned carnivorous due to a lack of certain chemical that the creatures ingested from the berries.

    The South American government instantly ordered a global warning calling the new species of berry eater the "Pequeno Diablo" known in English language as the "Little Devil" and urged all people to be the lookout for their safety and animals. The Pequeno Diablo creatures, now a flesh eating species, are rapidly breeding and migrating to various regions across the world. They have been spotted as far away as the upper regions of Asia, Austrailia and even the plains of Africa. The "Pequeno Diablo" is a very ferocious species that is more than capable of taking down any animal whether it be big or small.

    ***Larger Images of this creature can be seen at the following***
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    Artist: scorge

    Concept: Ferocious Kuwanasites
    Lurking among the tree branches, the pack of Ferocious Kuwanasites eagerly awaits their yearly hunt of the largest land animal, the elephant. Kuwanasites hibernate for 11 months out of the year, and are known for their vicious tempers and have a poisonous saliva which when injected through bite or a prick from thier many quills, horns and sharp probosci can bring down the mightiest of beasts. Deemed to be the most ferocious creatures alive, their cunning and cooperation along with their bloodthristy nature allows them to feast and ward off predators, while maintaining the title of most rapacious of Mother Nature's creations.
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    Artist: Zimzibar

    Concept: Feramus
    A rat sized jerboa type mammal, the Feramus has powerful back legs for running and leaping at prey.

    It has an extremely strong and sharp boney beak and forearms, as well as horn like growths, for spearing and tearing apart the animals it hunts. The Feramus hunts in groups of 6-12 depending on the size of the prey.

    They live in groups of over 100 where vicious fights over dominance are common. They are however sharp and intelligent creatures.
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    Artist: Taiski

    Concept: Sword Shrimp

    Between it's incredible speed, it's ability to jump heights several times it's size, a tail with a sharpness unrivaled by any blade and a terrifyingly vicious demeanor, it comes to no surprise the Sword Shrimp is the apex predator in many ecosystems.

    Sword Shrimps hunt by climbing and pouncing on to the skulls of animals much larger than itself and administers a deadly blow with it's sharp tail, which they can put a surprising amount of force behind. The prey is often not killed instantly, but put into a stupor for the Sword Shrimps to feast on in their own time.

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    Artist: Dragonfrog

    Concept: The Nukuoro Venom Rat

    The Nukuoro Venom rat originated in... well... Nukuoro. Nukuoro is an atoll in the middle of oceanic nowhere, owned by Federated States of Micronesia. The species is said to have emerged from hell by the 372 people that live there. They are armed with venom, quills, teeth, and venom. They've killed hundreds of people and animals.
    ...And they're only 2 and a half inches tall. It's named after it's size and behavior.
    The venom they create is paralyzing. It is consisted of two components: blood and a naturally secreted chemical. When combined in the sacs along their back, they become a terrible poison that can be secreted out of it's teeth and spines and can be spit out of it's mouth. When the victim is paralyzed, the attacker can call it's friends and they can gorge themselves on the helpless, yet awake victim.
    They and their small, squishy eggs are a sandy green color that blend finely into the surrounding flora.
    They were quickly eradicated from the islands with the help of Micronesian scientists, yet few managed to stow-away onto the ships returning to heavier populated, human-rich cities...
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    Artist: Kingkostas

    Concept: Exapodus skolix

    Exapodus skolix, a tiny furious creature, was firstly discovered by a biologist while investigating the strange death of an elephant. The creature entered the elephant through the mouth, pretending to be a delicious fruit.While inside the body, exapodus skolix begins a barbaric takeover , eating from inside out.

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    Artist: Me,Myself & Me again

    Concept: Acer denticulatis Rodent

    Acer denticulatis Rodent meaning sharp toothed rodent. This Species is the evolved cousin of the common rat. It utilizes a numbing agent in its saliver to feast on flesh with out its prey knowing. To do this it usually hunts at night on sleeping victims. Acer denticulatis Rodent swarms have been recorded eating full human adults in one sitting.

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    Artist: logistic puppet

    Concept: egosmix XIII
    Originally from the planet Sepertan from the Julex galaxy they arrived on Earth as test subjects. Little was know about the creatures except they showed heavy signs of violence and anger. The most curious part of the creature is that it has two brains which function systematically controlling different emotions at the same time. The first brain located at the top of the Egosmix controls its logic, reason, balance and ability to communicate. The other brain located its second head attached to its arms controls it's ability to hunt, to defend itself and to attack. It seemed a trip to Earth not only caused the Egosmix to mad with rage but also gave the creature a good hunting ground once it escaped imprisonment. Now it spends its time hiding in dark places, praying on creatures much bigger itself by shooting highly toxic mucus and destroying as much competition as possible.

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    Artist: strangedawn

    Concept: little fury beast

    This creature really move fast and he use his tongue to poison his enemy before he bite it with his razor sharp teeth.
    He just killed an animal that is why he has blood on his mouth..hehe just a quick work.goodluck to all!=)
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    [*B]Artist: [*COLOR=White]David-Ray[/COLOR]

    Concept: [*COLOR=White]Trazor[/COLOR]

    [/B]The Trazor has evolved from a pirahna like fish millions of years ago to a venomous amphibion. Trazors still travel in groups of upto 30, like their ancestors, but rather being confined to water they often leap out of water on top of large mammals drinking from the water. They are equipped with a powerful neurotoxin that they inject through a spine in their tails, so even if a large land animal retreats to land after the initial attack the group of Trazors will chase their victim until the neurotoxin falls the beast and they can collect their prize. Trazors are extremely aggressive and go into a frenzied mode when feeding which allows them to strip a huge carcass on land or water in a matter of minutes.
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    COW 220

    Artist: J.R. Barker

    Concept: Lil' Terror
    This happy little guy can sit in the palm of your hand. But never let him get that close! His saliva and tail prong both have a paralyzing agent. After neutralizing his prey, this quick fellow can strip bones clean in a matter of minutes.

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    Concept: Zombie Bird
    When the woodpeckers lost their main source of protein, termites, they fell to preying upon corpses. They found their strong beaks perfect for hammering through the skulls of corpses. Soon they moved on to hammering upon the live animals. Over time, they gained sharp spikes to better cling to their prey, as well as losing the feathers around their beaks.

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    The Eyesnatcher

    This awful little avian consumes the eyes of its victims by launching itself high into the air with its powerful legs, floating down with its umbrella-like plumage, and pecking out one eye while grabbing the other for later (and self defense) with its clawed tail.
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    Artist: McGhoul
    Concept: Spear Tongue Tree Devil

    This small grapefruit sized creature has evolved an interesting way of taking down very large prey. A sharp enamel coated "spear tip" grows on the end of a very strong long tongue. The creature hides up in the trees and falls down on its victim latching on with its sharp teeth and claws. It then powerfully extends its tongue into the victim aiming at vital organs. If the spear does not make a successfull strike the poison in the tip will enter the blood stream and kill the victim in minutes.

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