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    item store

    item store

    item store

    this was my original idea

    when i did my initial shindig, i wasnt happy with they way it was coming out
    it felt very flat to me, nothing popped out

    it just seemed very boring and un interesting. not sure how to fix that. perhaps get more overlapping going on with different elements

    also seemed to be lots of space in the piece, maybe make the assets and character bigger, making the room smaller. that would also help with creating overlap

    and also, the shape of the shop seemed really borring, i mean its just a square with a bunch of stuff sitting around in it. i dont think the layout made sense either. felt like i needed to take a step back and figure out what shape my itemshop is gonna be like, whats the flooor plan like. what kind of a floor plan would make the most sense, would u have a cashier in the back or next to the door (if its next to the door, its less likely ppl will be able to steal stuff) things like that

    i was aiming for something that was fantasy based, something kinda like what you might see in radiata stories, or star ocean


    feedback is appreciated
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    what do you do for figuring out something like a floor plan? figuring out what kind of shape your interior room is going to have? do you just make a scribble, block something out, then refine it into a shape? do you just categolize stuff where ever you go? is there a random ... generating ... thing ... that you can dig up somewhere? whats the best approach for figuring something like this out?

    my idea was to build something like this and make a type of small flash game with a character that can run around and interact with stuff, kinda like a demo or a concept. would it be better to put something together that looks good enough and works for the game, and save the design stuff for a separate project, kinda like 'here's my layout of a fantasy based itemstore (more focused on being properly designed and stuff)' 'and here's a small demo concept of a game with an item store(that isn't focused on being properly designed)'

    i mean isnt it important when working on a project to do it keeping in mind what your doing it for?

    hmmm ... im not sure ... feed back would be appreciated
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    I really dig the perspective you have going on for the piece. Generating environments can be a pain. If you're going to do a fantasy based store, I'd personally start with some general sketches (the way you already have) THEN move on and get reference, be it from fantasy games, medieval shops, etc. There's a lot of places you could look online for reference and/or inspiration.

    It's a great idea to make a floor plan too. Just a birds eye view of the room and where you want to place things. Also, even if it's a video game room, composition is still important. You'd also want to keep in mind the area your character will be able to move in. Lighting is also important.

    If you didn't do a bunch of thumbnails for it, that is also a great idea.
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