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    IOW - Topic Suggestions

    Here you post what topics you would like to see in the challenge. Topics can also be PMed to me if you want your topic to be a surprise or if you're just shy.

    As for now we have yet to decide on the length of the topics/descriptions.
    We would like your thoughts on the matter.
    Do you want to see short open topics (broader leeway, allows more creativity), or longer more precise topics (more realistic in terms of commissions/work).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyctalgia View Post
    Do you want to see short open topics (broader leeway, allows more creativity), or longer more precise topics (more realistic in terms of commissions/work).
    Personally, I think broader topics work better in a competitive environment because it allows each participant to tailor the image to their personal needs/goals, and there will be more variety in the entries. But you could always switch back and forth between the two formats to keep things interesting and let people try their hand at both. (Just my 2 cents.)

    For topics, I dunno if you guys are thinking of using existing stories at all, but if you are, I would like to suggest Island of the Blue Dolphins and A Wizard of Earthsea.

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    I think switching back and forth between tight and loose discriptions would be the best really.

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    I don't think they have to be too specific, or too's some possible topics that I'm sure some artists here can really come up with something interesting, that are quite specific but can still be quite open...but I do feel like they need to have somekind of story behind it...

    Slaying the Dragon
    Building a wonder
    Soaring over the ocean
    Gladitorial Matches
    Crossing the Marshes
    Returning to the Mothership
    Alien Nursery
    Shipwrecked on planet... (whatever name you think suitable)

    Of course there's no reason why some topics can't have lengthier briefs...the more closed minded topics can be just as good as the open ones

    And I'm sure you guys can come up with some neat crossover topics with the other weeklies...for example...
    Hero of legend (for chow), Slaying the dragon (for iow)
    colony slave or slave driver (chow) building the wonder (iow)
    or herd of giant herbivorous beast ( cow) crossing the marshes (iow)

    another idea would be to actually have a story as the brief (write up or find a short story) and we'd create an illustration to go with that story, y'know as a cover or advertisement...

    just getting my initial thoughts out there, I'm sure there will be some interesting stuff going on...
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    I think they should be pretty descriptive and have boundaries. It should also be 2-3 weeks long so you have time to really get into it.

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    Alexander burying Bucephalus

    Moses before the Burning Bush

    Aphrodite Rises from the Seafoam

    The Angel Stays Balaam's Hand
    Sketchbook Updated December 15th 2011

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    I think we should alternate between open topics and more precise ones.

    The Last Stand
    The Army Is Moving
    The Restless Deep
    An Unexpected Encounter
    The Finding Of The Ring (The Hobbit)

    Using books and mythology would be fine I think, but I would like more abstract, open themes, such as the ones used in the Daily Sketch Group.

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    Swapping between tight and loose would work.

    Plagues of Egypt. (pick a plague and illustrate.)
    Your kingdom. (eg when you where younger)
    Island. (If you could take 5 things to a deserted island what would they be?)
    Colony. (past, present or future)

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    Very interesting, but such a huge topic also, this could go anywhere. I think you need a mix of both very open topics in order to keep some people interested, but also i think its important to try to keep topics and deadlines realistic, (no point practicing fine arts ceramics if your planning to be a lumberjack). As for subject matter? i think the more varied the better, gives people the chance to experiment with different techniques and subjects they wouldn't normally themselves. Also from past experiences, illustration agencies often like to see illustrators are competent in all areas of illustration before representing them.

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    Another vote for alternating between specific and open here.

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    I`m in favor of mixing it up, not too loose, not too tigh, there needs to be enough room for personal input in the image imo.

    For example, the subject David vs Goliath, can be simply a dramatic momment between a smaller character figthing a much bigger one. Not necessarily about the literal biblical characters but letting style and timeframe become a choice, as long as it represents the concept.

    Other ideas:
    The warrior`s final momments The death of the hero.
    Supernatural contact Stablishing a first contact with aliens, spirits, fairies, bigfoot?, anything supernatural.
    Loss of innocence A traumatic, coming of age, or maturing momment in the life of the character.
    Might vs Magic Sword vs sorcery, the ultimate battle between Strenght and mana.

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    I'm in favor of a mix of broad topics and specific topics - that's worked well for the POW comic cover challenges. (I've also noticed that whenever CHOW had a long stretch of really broad or really specific topics in a row I started to lose interest... When there's more variety, it's more exciting, and there's more chance that a topic will grab my interest.)

    I wouldn't mind both broad general topics mixed with, say, specific known books or stories or precisely defined themes. Trying to re-imagine a known story in a fresh way is always challenging.

    Maybe for extra challenge throw in some editorial/topical subjects? For more of a real-world experience?

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    Alright guys, seems like most people want both, which should please the ones tipping towards either.

    I'll jot down all the suggestions so far. Keep it up, peeps!

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    What I Found After Bedtime
    The Cookie Jar Runs Away
    City of Paper
    Inside the Great Oak
    The Day the Gods Came Forth
    Mobilization of the Doppelgangers
    The Great Pillow Fight
    Through the Forest of Lanterns
    The Forest Talks Back
    At the Center of the Librarian's Labyrinth
    Migration of the Air Colossi
    The One that Got Away
    Battlefield of Food
    The End of a Journey
    The Forbidden Game
    Where the Last Human Went
    The Children Conspire
    The Great Erasing of--
    Dinner Cooks Itself
    "Don't Turn On the Light!"
    The Last We Saw of Him
    The Tournament Begins!
    What I Saw Out the Window
    "Buckle your seatbelt. It'll be a ride."
    "There she stood, in her chamber of computers."
    Ritual of Sacrificial Maidens
    "Can I keep it, mom?"
    Time to Recharge
    The Priestess Descends
    The Shaman's Advice

    (I could go on. Can come up with more, if needed. )

    We don't necessarily have to stick to one kind of prompt, yeah. We could even take an excerpt from an article or story, on occasion.
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    I really like QueenGwenevere's suggestion of mixing it up with editorial illustration which we couldn't really try our hands at with any other weekly here.
    I think IOW to really stand out from the other weekly challenges should focus on storytelling (like Alexander burying Bucephalus, beautiful topic) and also branch out...
    I wouldn't see an interesting article to illustrate as a bad topic at all.

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