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    Out of the 3 stories in the post above me, "Vengeance Shall Be Mine" is my favorite one.

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    Hi Guys ,
    how to subscribe and participate at the IOW?.

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    I'm not sure how the new format will shape up but here are some additional ideas I had:
    Lancelot saves Guinevere: After the discovery of their affair King Arthur is honor-bound to have his wife executed for her infidelity. Lancelot must fight his way through his former brother in arms to save her from a death sentence.

    Sunrise in the Hermitage

    The Sword Is Forged: The grand forges in the shadow of The Jagged Mountains have worked for months without end forging Lightbringer, the sword destined to be wielded by the true hero and end the reign of Svargoth the Vicious. The sword has been beaten, and forged. folded and refolded until it is nearly the perfect weapon- a sword that might cut down God himself. As the final blows are struck the unbelievable happens...

    Chaos In The Wizard's School: It is the nightmare of every new teacher. Class seems to be going well, the students are attentive, the lecture is done, and the practice begins. It begins with a small mistake and becomes complicated by an over reaction. Laughter and mockery, carelessness and foolishness compound the problem until what began as a simple mistake has snowballed into a major disaster. The class has dissolved into chaos with no foreseeable way of restoring order. It is every teachers nightmare, but how much worse when the students are wizards in training.

    Chinese America It has been theorized that the Chinese discovered America before Columbus. However they made no lasting settlement and whether they even arrived in North America is a matter of debate. How different would the world be if China had established colonies in the Americas? Imagine a major scene from US history if the Chinese had settled the US instead of Europeans
    The most beautiful thing we can experience is the
    mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all
    science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who
    can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe,
    is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.

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    im definitely going to be painting an alien nursery

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    Magic the gathering land card:
    Forest environment,
    Icy landscape
    Molten volcano
    Must try to match the style of Magic the gathering

    The wizards apprentice:
    An illustration that has to do with an apprentice wizard, whether he's learning from his teacher, reading books, or in his master's workshop (etc)

    Look at the style of the dragonlance illustrations and try to produce something similar. Must contain dragons, miscellaneous things: wizards , knights, etc. Try to tell a story with your image.

    Splash art/box art Illustration
    Ever see those game screens for Warcraft or images for Riot games? Make an illustration that could fit inside a game.
    -league of legends
    "Art is never finished, only abandoned." Leonardo Da Vinci

    My Sketchbook:

    art website:

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