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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenGwenevere View Post
    Not sure about a series, but it might be a cool challenge to try an occasional book cover. Take a classic book, and try to come up with one image that condenses the gestalt of it into a cover and makes people want to read it...

    (Maybe the brief contains a short synopsis of the book for those who haven't read it.)

    Actually, the first "Dune" book would be a good one for a book cover challenge...

    POW recently did Frankenstein, how about Dracula? Making a really fresh version of that would be tough.
    What about smaller series? Like Brent Weeks
    He did the Night Angel Trilogy and had some rather unique ideas to twist up how the magic and what creatures were there.

    Also loving the idea of a dune rehash.

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    I completely agree with MatejaPetkovic about the deadline and topics. You should keep in mind that in CHOW people were getting character descriptions and still managed to make illustrations out of them so any topic is possible.

    I'll throw in some suggestions for topic themes:

    Book Covers
    Short stories/fairy-tale illustrations
    A scene from a book/story
    A particular myth/legend
    Worded themes e.g: nightmare, guild hunter (even though this is a character the focus would be on the illustrations)
    Long briefs and descriptions - such as the briefs posted by wizard but our own versions

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatejaPetkovic View Post
    I think any topic is just fine, like in chows, also i think one week per illustration is more then enough. I think that people need to practice to work faster, think faster and to deliver quality work within 7 days. This way you will make you future client very happy. And if someone gives you two weeks, imagine what you can do with that time

    Fair point, though in CHOW all you really have to do to meet the requirements is one figure, no background or setting... Two weeks would give more scope for more complex multi-figure images, fully developed scenes, etc.

    (I admit that personally I'd prefer two weeks because for me "one week" usually equals "one weekend and a few spare hours" in reality, what with work and all...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by v-lkry View Post
    I actually really like FunnyFace's suggestion of switching up styles a little. It's a self discovery process, in my opinion, to kind of switch gears in terms of technique and design so it opens up new elements and whatnot. Like, paint in the subject of Rococo and take a spin off of there.

    But honestly, this is an illustration of the week, there shouldn't be like a set definition of what to illustrate. Anything can be illustrated, a word, phrase, song (I suggest a song illustration! How does one paint the Blue Rhapsody of my homeboy Gershwin?) and a lot of other things.

    You've got famous things like Christ (death, rebirth, passion, kiss of judas and the list goes on and on) and anything Greco-Roman myth-related (anything with the word Herakles in it)

    I really hope people like song illustration. I was thinking more along the lines of creating a duality between the music and its subject, either by genre (Impressionist music would be like, illustrate with the ideals of Impressionism), or subject matter (like the madrigal, Fair Phyllis, literally illustrate Fair Phyllis (sitting alone on top of the mountainside), or what you get out of the movement (like, what is Dvorak's 9th Symphony (New World Symphony), 4th mvt. about), or even illustrate the scene the music is from (like, illustrate the Flower Duet, which is from the opera, Lakme).
    Different people, different styles. I would just give topic, and every artist will do it in their own style.
    Music suggestion is great, also you can see latest Beauty and Nightmare challenge/thunderdome as well for reference.
    Also The Art Order has great challenges similar, if not same, to this.
    I am looking forward to this.
    Suggestion, maybe it will be cool to contact some well known illustrators, but not as judges, maybe to drop by and to leave few word about important things re illustration.


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    MatejaP' hit on one important point in his first post that I think everyone should keep in mind...

    "Making your client happy."

    Illustration is communication through visual artifact to the general public. I would seriously think about mixing in imagery that is not "heroic scene" driven (for want of a better term). Illustration is a man having coffee, a kid walking a dog, and a nuclear attack on an island nation of 400 people. Everything can use an illustration to attract attention...not just movies, books, etc. Today's news requires an illustration, my medical/legal/social problem requires an illustration. Those who said that illustration is a huge field, or things to that effect, are correct. Make it so, or we won't learn and broaden our horizons.

    POW! will be posting various themes and ideas as well, so that people can make comments or ask for specific things. If you guys find something there that might help you as an illustration challenge, rip it off. It won't bother us...just make sure your peons here do it better than our peons there do if or when we use that same idea...heeheehee...

    Also--as a former "design illustrator" (a term not used much anymore), how open will the approach stylistically be?
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    I hope it'll be open to even this kind of interpretation (though it's another matter whether something like this would ever win the poll):

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    Along the same lines of people suggesting music, an audio daily double illo prompt from a radio drama could be fun. They're short enough for people to listen to, and great to listen to while you work, at that. There're different visual cues than for short stories, as there's not a whole lot of visual description for character and staging, and you're going mostly off the voices and sound effects. X Minus One has some awesome old pulpy sci-fi stories, often by really well-known authors. There're also some great noir ones and twilight-zone esque spooky stuff. (Totally weird topic suggestion, I know, but no harm in putting it out there.)

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    I think they're some really good suggestions, both on topics that could be used and the general format / structure. I like the audio suggestions, something I would never have thought of. I also like the different styles / mediums suggestion. Would be great to see some awesome digital artists forced to complete an ink illustration one week!

    My contribution would be an artist themed topic, where one week a particular painting is the subject and has to be reimagined, for example, Alexandre Cabanels the birth of venus but steampunk.
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    Excited to see this new activity!

    Seeing plenty of fun topics already. My suggestion would be to present the challenges as the type of brief a art director would provide. For example a description of a scene with some guidelines as to style or setting. Or add image dimensions when the topic is a book cover (front + back, size) or marketing image.
    I think presenting this as a professional assignment would help as an exercise!

    Looking forward to the first round when it comes up!

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    I'm definitely in favor of varied deadlines. It's nice to have some variety. One IOW can be one week long (to push yourself to finish deadlines in time), and another IOW can be two weeks long (2 weeks = more is expected out of the final piece vs a 1 week IOW)

    Either way, I'm super excited to see this.
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    Great, can't wait for this to start up!

    I'm in favour of doing a mix up of 1 to 2 week challenges, and the idea of getting some professional advice on what art directors are looking for would be super helpful.

    As for briefs i would like to see (as well as what's been mentioned)... short story covers; excerpts from novels; editorial 'spot' illustrations for articles either fiction or factual; album cover art, either inspired by a particular song or the bands ethos/style; childrens book illustration and maybe even doing instructional leaflets but making them creatively interesting so people are more likely to pick them up, say for instance a campaign to increase awareness in recycling?

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    I'd like to see things like:

    - Posters for theater productions
    - Editorial illustrations where you're given the topic of the article or story
    - CD Cover that includes logo and title - possibly as the cover to a single
    - Story illustration where we're given a line to illustrate, possibly with its surrounding paragraph. (Common in Dulac, Rackham, and Parrish illustrations for example.)
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    Varied deadline challenges would be really great I think.

    I'm not sure if it would be too difficult for admin - but if we are having 2 week or even longer challenges then it would be good to sometimes have 2 (or more) running consecutively and/or with overlap so that if someone doesn't want to join one that's going for 3 weeks, there's a shorter challenge running at the same time that they can jump in on.

    Or compete in both!

    This would also be more like 'real life' client work as you will often have to juggle more than one project at a time to completely different briefs.

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    Just an after thought here, theres been some mention about style and different techniques, which are all important for illustration, but something i think is even more important especially for illustration, is composition and layout. If there was some way to introduce some kind of points system into any kind of voting system that encourages good composition, that would be great.

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    Some of the tangents that the challenge can give itself to could be a lot of fun, like trying to do a vintage propaganda poster or classic fantasy illustration , an art nouveau styled image, a pulp comic book cover, B movie promos, etc. And use of graphic design could also be a part of the challenge and a consideration for voting.

    As for another idea, ehem, i think a manga/anime based topic could be hilarious
    Or just one with comic books in general, like creating a cover for a faux first issue on any genre you wish, all with logo and stuff

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