Sketchbook: 17 yrs so critique me HARD!!!!!
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Thread: 17 yrs so critique me HARD!!!!!

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    17 yrs so critique me HARD!!!!!

    -and wadup.

    This is my second sketchbook and I welcome you all. I'm just a 17 year old kid who loves to draw and whatnot, who (like most artists here) is looking to improve. I have loads of previous work I could post but I find that after each piece I tend to improve, so I always hate my previous pieces ]:

    Anyhow here is a digital wip a few hours in and a penicl drawing. I'll post more soon and hopefully every 3 days but I was just eager to start a new thread, thus my lack of art at this stage. BUT DO COME BACK, ill post more soon

    Also please critique me, SERIOUSLY! critque the crap out of me, but not just yet, maby next post when I have finished more pieces haha. BUT STILL COMMENT!

    Also please help me with my less than large view count on Deviant art here:

    Cheers and please come clickin' backin' ma sketchbook soon (:

    ^remember deviantart?.... hmmmm

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